Still having startup problems

  Seadog 21:12 04 May 2006

A while ago I posted that my sons computer was locking up on startup - sometimes it locks up at the Windows "moving bar" screen and others it locks up just before or after the desktop screen has loaded. It also locks up sometimes after sitting idle for a couple of hours. Repeated restarting usually gets it going eventually - have to use the on/off switch as the reset button does not do anything once it has locked up!
One suggestion was that it sounded like a driver problem, but I have now re-installed/updated all the drivers, (I think all anyway!) but the flamin' thing is still locking up!
Does anyone have any other suggestions? Like what type of driver could cause the machine to lock up in case I missed one?
Could it be a soundcard, usb, graphics, wireless network driver or what?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  skidzy 21:17 04 May 2006 have not mentioned your ram,if you have 2 sticks of ram,try removing one and see if you still get the same problem...or even better try different ram,it is possible to have a faulty ram,are the fans clean from any dust,have you considered your psu may be overheating.

  skidzy 21:22 04 May 2006

Have you tried running in safemode,tapping f8 on startup to see if the system still locks up.

If you have any programs at hand or if you can download them and copy to disc or flash drive and run them in safe mode...programs such as:

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
This may be of use also click here

  Seadog 21:38 04 May 2006

Thanks skidzy, first of all there is only one stick of ram - 512Mb - can't remember what type. The memory "count" or check at the beginning of start up runs ok and it detects the IDE devices and then that page with all the irq numbers and such loads, it's after this that problems begin, when windows loads.
The machine will run in safe mode ok but I can't identify the problem from there. This means it may be a driver or software (program loading at start-up) problem but how to find it?
As far as I know, nothing has been added apart from The Sims games since it used to work perfectly.
We use Ultra Wincleaner to keep the drives free and AVG anti-virus (the one you pay for!) along with ad-aware and windows anti-spyware. After all this is a teenagers computer..........
This is why I am going mad with this problem - I think I've done everything without result!

  skidzy 21:45 04 May 2006

First thing i would do is uninstall msn messenger if installed,and look for any recent downloaded photo's etc that may have came via messenger.Also uninstalling the sims would be a starting point,do this in safe mode and run regscrubxp after and reboot.
Also using system restore may help.

Have a look here,you may need your windows disc click here

  Seadog 21:52 04 May 2006

Tried scannow sfc as soon as the problem started - took a while but no difference afterwards - it could be msn - my son uses that a lot.
Will try later, the pub is calling .......................thanks again.

  skidzy 22:05 04 May 2006

You could try this... click here (registry optimiser version)
Download this to disc or flash drive and run in safe mode.

Dont be fooled thinking its just another registry tool,its not.

It has many apps to find and repair windows problems.

Under the trial version it will only repair 10 errors at any one time,but its unlimited so therefore you can scan and repair as many times as you like.
Hope this helps.

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