Still got the intemittent inter connection problem

  domp 13:06 05 Feb 2007

Hi, Can anyone please help. I still have the same proble as posted two weeks ago. Below is what has been tried so far with no success/

I have three computers running on my home network 1 desktop and 2 laptops.

The problem is with my desktop pc. For some reason I am getting a very intermittent internet connection. One minute the PC connection to the internet is fine the next I cannot even ping outside sites. This can happen at any time and lasts for up to 30 mins and then it will just come back on and everything will be fine again.

I thought it maybe my ISP but whenever I use my laptops on the internet they never drop out. Even when the PC drops out the laptops still work fine. I then thought it may be a router problem but the coonection to the router is fine when the computer drop outs happen.

A friend said it may have something to do with negative entries in the DNS cache. He changed some registry values to make sure negative entries were not cached but still no difference.

I am not completely computer literte so any idiots guide on how to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated.


Wed, [email protected]:42

Hi ,Try Control Panel,Network connections.Right click Local Area Connection, Repair,See if it High-lite's DNS Cache.

Wed, [email protected]:28

The computer may be configured to turn off the Network Adapter to save power. In Device Manager, find the Network Adaptor. Select Action, Properties, Power Management.

Fri, [email protected]:34

Follow up

Hi Guy, Sorry for not getting back sooner. I have tried both of the above: DNS Cache does not come up as a problem when running repair. Power settings are OK.

Fri, [email protected]:45

This might not solve anything, but its a hunch, have you tried manually assigning an i.p, that's if you don't already do so, give it an i.p within range and try pinging this. Once the i.p is changed try powering down the router, modem and restart your computer, hope that helps

Fri, [email protected]:49


Hi rosierd, Thanks for info but has made no difference.

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