Still gettting messed up pictures over the net

  kjrider 00:00 13 Jan 2003
  kjrider 00:00 13 Jan 2003

Hi there,

When I send a picture file as an atachment the picture gets garbled over the net. Sometimes it is completely messed up - sometimes it is just bad line tearing. This is using NTL broadband.

Have tried jpeg , bmp and other formats with similar results.

Have firewall and AGV for viruses, and have tried changing the cable to the Broadband. Have also tried a different HD without any difference.

anyone got any ideas please?


  northamuk 00:03 13 Jan 2003

Are you sure it's a problem at your end? Have you tried sending to yourself?

  kjrider 07:48 13 Jan 2003

Have tried sending to myself - same problem.

Just tried doing it now, with the PC cold (just turned on) and had same effect.

this prob has only happened since Christmas.


  Stokey 08:08 13 Jan 2003

Can we take it that you are using the same ISP as before? Are you using the same email facility? Have you changed anything?

  €dstow 08:13 13 Jan 2003

Do you have a web based email account (Hotmail, Yahoomail, Operamail, many others) that you could test this out on?

If not, can I suggest you get one or more. These accounts are free and may get you over your immediate difficulties but, obviously not cure them.


  kjrider 11:39 13 Jan 2003

Hi there,

Have tried Yahoo, Hotmail, and sending also sending pix direct to ebay. Same probs.

Am using same ISP - NTL Broadband.



  Stokey 12:11 13 Jan 2003

Hello again,

Is it worth risking turning off your firewall and AVG and sending to yourself again, just for the sake of elimination.

You've done a virus check btw?

I think this is a new problem to the forum and as you say -- baffling.

  kjrider 13:21 13 Jan 2003

Will try it and see how it goes.


  powerless 13:29 13 Jan 2003

Where are these images coming from?

Digital Camera, scanned images, website etc...

What program are you using to view the images (photoshop etc) also do you edit them, change brightness etc?

What image viewer is the person you send the images to using?

If the images are not big say under 1.4 MB, copy and paste one image or several to a floppy disc and (if you can that is) pop the floppy disc into another computer and open them. Then i would ask are the images ok or are they messed up, as you say?

  kjrider 15:19 13 Jan 2003


The images are from my Fuji 6800 digital camera.

Can move them about on the PC, onto CD etc, and they are OK.

Only seems to happen when I send them on the net.


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