still getting spies??

  pooperscooper 11:32 19 Sep 2006

Hi, I have downloaded and used the spyware program that you gave me thanks!! However although it removed a lot, when I use the program again to see if anything else has got into my computer it comes up with more each time, is this because everytime I log on more spies are fiding me, and if so can I prevent this as my comp. is still to slow so something is still "using" it....I dowloaded spybot and adware, should I download anything else.....I am using xp hime with sp2....Thanks

  Kate B 11:41 19 Sep 2006

Hmm, porn and warez sites are notorious for drive-by installations of nasties. If you go to those kind of sites (and I'm neither implying nor criticising!) I suggest you switch from IE to Firefox, which is not only a much nicer browsing experience, but also stops scripts running by default, which should help.

What other anti-malware are you running? I'd suggest Windows Defender, Spybot, Adaware and A Squared as well as an antivirus package (I like AVG) and a firewall). Between them and a little caution, your PC should remain pretty clean.

  MichelleC 11:46 19 Sep 2006

SpywareBlaster is good too for keeping out nasties. It works as a defence in b/ground (it doesn't scan) click here

  DrScott 11:47 19 Sep 2006

you need to turn of system restore, then run your anti-spyware, and if using spybot, reboot the computer and have it run before logging into windows. The nasties can hide in system files which are not checked until a reboot. Some of them also sit in the system restore bit too...

  pooperscooper 11:48 19 Sep 2006

I use the windows firewall, and AVG for viruses, I did in fat go into Warez once (Never again) I am sure that this is where I picked this all up....I will switch to firefox as you say, I am already using spybot, and adaware, so i will also get windows defender?....Thanks for your help....Val

  pooperscooper 12:08 19 Sep 2006

Hi, Usually, how do I reboot the computer and have it (Spybot) run before logging into windows.

  pooperscooper 12:51 19 Sep 2006

Hi, I still have 2 stuburn ones left and I think they are on the intrnet explorer, I dont really want to change to firefox, so, to get rid of these is it best to uinstall my internet explorer and then re-install it again???

  pooperscooper 12:52 19 Sep 2006

to add to my last message.....It didn't make any difference when I re-installed windows yesterday, so will it make any difference if I uninstall explorer as per my last message?

  gudgulf 12:56 19 Sep 2006

Can you post what the 2 stubborn items are?

It would help tremendously if you could.

  pooperscooper 12:59 19 Sep 2006

Give me a few mins I will run it again....

  Kate B 13:05 19 Sep 2006

You can't uninstall IE; and I really do recommend Firefox. It's a lovely browser, you can customise a lot about it to make it run the way you want.

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