STILL can't stay logged in to this site

  palinka 14:12 04 Mar 2011

I started a thread on this subject on 1st March; Buteman reminded me where to find the place to tick "Keep me signed in". I ticked that and I thought that would be that; I even ticked "Resolved". But the problem is still there.
Anyone got any further advice, please.

  lotvic 14:18 04 Mar 2011

I found that changing a detail in pca's 'My Profile' and then clicking on 'Update Me' did the trick.
I had managed for years of being logged out every few minutes despite having the "Keep me signed in" ticked. See my thread click here from 16th Feb

  johndrew 14:19 04 Mar 2011

I think the "Keep me signed in" facility relies on a cookie, so if you delete them at the end of a session or during a clean up you will find yourself logged out.

If I'm wrong I feel certain some one will tell me.

  Terry Brown 14:19 04 Mar 2011

All you need to do is click on MY PROFILE, check your details are correct and then scroll down to the bottom of the data input area, tick accept and keep me logged in.

  lotvic 14:52 04 Mar 2011

johndrew and Terry Brown - didn't work for me, cookies were enabled and the box ticked in My Profile, accept, update me etc. but still got logged out every few minutes.
Changed one of the details (employment), ticked boxes again and now for past 3 weeks have had no problem. (fingers crossed it continues)

  palinka 14:54 04 Mar 2011

Terry Brown - that's exactly what I've done and I still have to log in again. johndrew - you may be my best hope: I've recently changed ISP after weeks of connection problems and I haven't checked the cookie situation, I'll do it now. Failing that I'll use lotvic's tip.

  birdface 15:15 04 Mar 2011

If you are using I/E when you sign in you should get a box pop up asking you if you want I/e to remember your password.just tick yes. Same with Firefox.
If you run c Cleaner make sure you save the cookies for the programs that you want.

  palinka 15:21 04 Mar 2011

I used lotvic's suggestion and now - so far at least - I can stay logged-in.
Thanks lotvic.
Now, if anyone can suggest a similar solution to my similar problem with my btinternet account, where I have to log in every time in spite of "keep me logged in" (and there, too,I don't log out).............

  Woolwell 15:24 04 Mar 2011

Bt problem may well be a cookie problem too. Did you clear your cookies at any time?

  palinka 15:37 04 Mar 2011

thanks, Woolwell; I have, now - in last half hour-cleared all cookies, but not restarted my pc; so I suppose things won't take effect - if hey are goingto - until I re-start. Have to go out now, so I'll check up when i come back.
All this fiddling about is exhausting!

  Woolwell 16:02 04 Mar 2011

That's not what I meant. You will probably now have to log in again at every site including this one. Log in details are normally stored in cookies and I was asking if you had deleted them.

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