still cant reinsatll win98...time for a new PC

  dmm27 00:00 29 Jan 2006

Further to my prev thread, I'm wondering where to go now.

Basically i had a lot of problems with win98SE, with lots of fatal errors, to the extent that I have tried reinstalling it. I have got to the stage that I can get win98 back working, but when i try to get my broadband reinstalled, i just get lots of illegal errors during the installation.

People have suggested that it might be bad memory, but i have run several memory progs for about 4 hours each and they all say memory is OK. The only bit of memory that i dont think has been tested is the 8mb shared by the onboard graphics card. the BIOS wont let me disable this last bit.

I have removed all other PCI and modem cards, in case one of them was faulty, but still no improvement.

Should i just buy a new PC or is there anything else i should try?

  Skyver 00:04 29 Jan 2006

How does your BB connect? Via USB or Ethernet (built-in I would assume seeing as you mentioned removing all PCI cards)?

  Forum Editor 00:14 29 Jan 2006

I notice you say the graphics card shares 8Mb of the installed RAM. That leads me to think that perhaps the machine is nearing the end of its life.

  dmm27 12:26 29 Jan 2006

BB connects via usb or ethernet. The problem is with running the installation disk from BT. I just get lots of "program has caused an error and has to close"

The PC is about 5 years old, but i was hoping to use it for the kids, who are currently using an even older P2. The onboard graphics shares some of the main RAM, and 8mb is the least i could get it to take up so i could test the rest of it.

I dont know if putting a separate graphics card in may help. Someone suggested that it might be the onboard graphics card thats causing the problems. I have got 1 in another defunct PC. Would i need to install drivers, and can i totally disable onboard graphic if i install a separate graphics card?


  Wak 12:29 29 Jan 2006

Hi, I run Win98 SE and if you wish to send me an e-mail via the yellow envelope I will send you a very useful 24KB .DOC file covering a Step-by-step guide to Start up problems with Win98 & ME.
It could come in very handy in the future.

  howard63 12:33 29 Jan 2006

have you tried a complete reformat and installation as new?. This would run chkdsk and any faulty sectors on your hard drive would be isolated so that you cannot write info to them. Your problems sound like a similar one I encountered setting up win98se for a friend. Only when we did a full format did we discover about half the hard drive to be faulty. A replacement drive then got everything up running again.

  Diemmess 12:46 29 Jan 2006

Have you done a "clean install?"
howard63 makes a very good point.

The Works! Starting with a DOS FORMAT and even FDISK if there is any doubt about the size of C: drive.

[W98SE was splendid in its day, but a very poor prospect if repair or extensive alteration was attempted to an already flaky system]

  dmm27 12:54 29 Jan 2006

tried doing clean installs. The hdd is partitioned into c: and d: drives. All the data is on D: Windows was on C: which has been reformatted, but not FDISK'd. Can I FDISK just c:, or will this affect the data on D:? The majority of the important stuff is backed up, but there is still alot of stuff that would be inconvenient to loose, but not the end of the world. The HDD is a maxtor and only 2 years old.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:46 29 Jan 2006

The problem is with running the installation disk from BT. I just get lots of "program has caused an error and has to close"

Suggests bad reading of the installation CD,

Could be a bad CD or CD drive problems

Try polishing the CD and using a drive cleaner on the CD player. Or temopary fit another CD player while you try the install.

  Diemmess 15:01 29 Jan 2006

No! Don't use FDISK. It will destroy your Data on drive D:

Looking back over this post it seems you are OK after all up to the point where you try to set up your BT broadband connection.

If that is so then my emphasis on a clean install is irrelevant! You probably have this already.

RAM has been mentioned but not how much. If at least 64Mb and no way more than 512Mb, that should be OK too.

So I'm now on shaky (ignorance) ground.
First make sure there are no yellow triangles against USB in Device Manager.
Then try installing the BB filter alone from the drivers for that make of microfilter.(You will have to install the drivers before you plug the USB lead in)
If this doesn't throw up errors, then you ought to be able to use the BT bit.

  dmm27 15:37 29 Jan 2006

When installing BB, do I actually need to use the BT installation CD? Are you saying that if I get the drivers for the modem installed on the PC, I should be able to get it up and running?


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