Still can't play 3D games

  Ballie 17:33 10 Feb 2005

It is a long story but I will try to keep it short. I brought the kids two games for Christmas – Medal of Honour Pacific Assault and Sims 2 neither games would play on my computer (graphic corruption and lock-ups). I tried all the usual things disabling background tasks and updating drivers but to no avail. I decided to upgrade my graphics card. After some research I decided upon a BFG Nvida 6600GT 128mb, but games would still not run with this new card but continued to crash and lock up my computer. I then decided it was time to completely upgrade my computer (costing several hundreds of pounds).

My current spec is as follows:
Windows XP sp2
MSI – 6570E (v1.x) K7N2 Delta2 Plat
CPU - AMD BARTON 3200+ (400mhz) running @ 2.23GHz
Ram - 1024mb DDR 400mhz (2x512 Corsair XMS3200XL TwinX)
Graphics - BFG Nvida Gforce 6600GT o/c 128mb (67.03 drivers)
Sound - on board AC97
NEC DVD (DV5800b)
NEC DVD/RW (ND3520a)
HDD 1 - W/D 120GB 8mb cache
HDD 2 - Maxtor 40GB
PSU - Tagan TG480-u01 +12v 28A, +5v 48A, +3.3v 28A

As you can see it is a high spec machine. I have just got it up and running (i.e. reformatted and reinstalled XP sp2) after rebuild. But I still cannot get it to run these games. I have got all the update patches for the games, I have tried 12 different graphic card drivers, I have all background tasks closed except explorer and task manager and in ms config the only thing that starts is my avast anti-virus software which I stopped from running in task manager before trying to install or run the games. I have also tried stopping the windows firewall running.

It looks like that I might have to buy a different graphics card in order to get these games to work but before I do so can anybody shed any light on this? It won’t even run 3d mark 03 it just locks up. To be honest I am at my wits end I have sat at the computer almost since Boxing Day! Trying to sort this out, I have already posted about this problem on this forum (“pulling my hair out” but this post related to my previous computer spec) as I have already said I have completely rebuild my computer (new mobo, cpu, memory), reinstalled my o/s and it still won’t run 3d mark or these games.

  Totally-braindead 18:00 10 Feb 2005

I remember you're last thread and thought you got medal of honor working and it was only the Sims 2 you had a problem with.

  groundhog 18:01 10 Feb 2005

This program needs to connect to the internet when loading other wise it will not run AND the User must also be logged on as at authorised administrator level to for it to work.

As for Medal of Honour Pacific Assault I'm sorry I cant help with that one

  Ballie 18:10 10 Feb 2005

Hi TBD yes you are right I did get mohpa running or so I thought one day it would run and the next it would not (without any changes to the pc!) to be honest I am at my end I feel that I can't let this thing rule my life but at the same time I can't walk away from it and let it beat me. I have spent so much money on the computer in the last few weeks I am starting to think I should have just bought a shop built one.

  [email protected] 18:12 10 Feb 2005

that this is still happening after all you have done and suggests it must be a hardware fault somewhere.

What exactly used to happen on your old graphics card, was it the same as now?

Also, I notice that your card is overclocked. It could be that the problems are stemming from this? Do they play at all before locking up or is it instant?

It could also be down to a heating problem, again possibly by the graphics card being over clocked (or anything else that is) or just insufficient cooling or blockages in the air flow etc.

If not, I'm puzzled as to what it could be. If possible, it would help if you could try a friend's graphics card or yours on his to rule out a fault in that area.

Hope that helps somehow,


  FelixTCat 18:13 10 Feb 2005

First, try the Omega drivers click here They often seem to work where others don't. Secondly, MOHPA is a resource hog. In the options screen, turn everything down to its lowest settings and try to run it

  Totally-braindead 18:13 10 Feb 2005

I would think that since you've replaced all these bits all that you're left with are faulty power supply, assuming thats not replaced or the graphics card.I bought a new graphics card about 9 months ago and although it appeared to work ok as soon as you went into something using 3D such as a game it crashed. I thought the power supply as the new card had a seperate power supply as well as the power it gets from the AGP slot but when I replaced it with a higher rated one it made no difference. I also tried about a dozen drivers and that made no difference, returned the graphics card as faulty got a different one and alls well. If you can't run 3dmark then that suggests to me that the problems are nothing to do with the games but has to be either a hardware fault or a driver fault and since you've tried all these different drivers I think you're left with the graphics card being faulty. Do you still have your old graphics card and do you have any older games which will run on it.

  Totally-braindead 18:24 10 Feb 2005

I can imagine how frustrating this has been for you and can certainly understand you tearing your hair out but what I think you should do is either install you old card or borrow one if you can, assuming its a Nvidia one it can use the drivers you've already got installed. Run 3dmark agin and see if it runs with the other card, if it does then you know that its definatly the graphics card, Sorry but I can't think of anything else to try, you've checked or replaced everything else.

  g0nvs 18:35 10 Feb 2005

Have you tried running DXDIAG ? Start, Run etc. Try Test DirectDraw also Test Direct3D, this may shed some light as far as Direct X is concerned. I hope this may be of some help to you, good luck.

  Ballie 18:46 10 Feb 2005

yeh I know its weird but it is doing my head in the card is over clocked but thats how the BFG cards come as standard I have tried cool bits and tried to run it at lower settings but still no good the cpu temp is 39c at idle and the Gpu is 36c at idle thanks to 2x120mm case fans oh and the psu is also new.

Unfortunatly I sold my old graphics card on ebay but I think your right its time to try a new card. thank again for all your help.

  bigmike 20:53 10 Feb 2005

silly I know, but are there any clues in the games 'read me' files? They sometimes list graphics cards that will, or won't run it.

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