still can't load windows 95

  webbo1968 01:57 20 May 2003

last week i posted this:

i'm giving away my old computer - a 686, i think - to a friend, so i did a format:c command and thought i would reinstall win95. however, this is what happens: 1. when i put in setup disk 1 it says "not a system diskette". 2. when i put in the boot disk and try to set up, it says: "Setup has found non-MS-DOS operating system files on your computer. if your computer has OS/2 on it, see SETUP.TXT on setup disk 1." 3. when I take the option of removing the files i get a blue screen with white dots on it and a lot of beeping noises. a garbled message at the bottom of the screen says "hard drive and configer the disk for use". i then have to restart. 4. when i take the option of not removing the files i get a message saying: "Windowns files cannot be installed because the format of drive c is incompatible with Win 95. You can have setup reformat drive c for you or quit and reformat yourself." 5. when i ask for setup to reformat drive c i get this message: "Setup cannot install Win 95 - an error was detected while formatting your primary hard drive partition. press enter" i then get "memory allocation error cannot load COMMAND, system halted."
i'm stuck. can anyone help?

Jeez advised:

ok, boot with your botdisk and do this :
type fdisk select "delete partitions and logical dos drives" delete all the partitions on the drive then select create partition do this using all space available then select create a logical dos drive then exit fdisk reboot re-format and try installing again

bbez said:

only the last release of 95 has support for Fat32 partitions. As Jeez says, reboot with a boot disk, type FDISK at the command prompt and when it asks you if you would like to enable "large disk support" choose "NO" which will partition the drive as FAT16 which will support all versions of Win_95. After escaping FDISK and rebooting, format the hard disk then reinstall 95.


thanks for the advice, but when do i type in FDISK? i never get a command prompt and everything freezes at "memory allocation error cannot load COMMAND, system halted".


  y_not 06:59 20 May 2003

Insert the boot floppy, start the PC and wait while it loads the drivers.

Eventually you will come to an A prompt




Press enter

This will bring up the screen Jeez mentioned.

Use the number pad and arrow keys to move around

Hope this helps


  webbo1968 07:44 20 May 2003

thanks tony. i'm a complete amateur so please forgive me if i'm being a bit dim, but i never get to an A prompt. the boot disk takes me straight into setup and if i quit setup - or follow it through to the end - i get the message: "memory allocation error. cannot load COMMAND, system halted".

  -pops- 08:02 20 May 2003

If you can still access W95, make a new boot disk. It may be that the one you are using is corrupt.

  webbo1968 08:31 20 May 2003

i don't have access to w95. can i download a boot disk from anywhere?

  Gongoozler 08:36 20 May 2003

webbo1968, try using a Windows 98 boot disk, this is much more user friendly.

  Belatucadrus 08:54 20 May 2003

click here for Ultimate boot disk, user friendly alternative to Windows standard item.

  webbo1968 09:10 20 May 2003

is it safe to download that and put it onto a floppy without screwing everything up on my new winxp machine?

  Belatucadrus 09:14 20 May 2003

Yes, just done that to reload my old W95 machine that's no longer on the net. Ultimate comes as an exe file that you install to floppy, doesn't do anything to your XP machine at all.

  TechMad 09:15 20 May 2003

What happens if you don't put a boot disk? Does the computer tell you that it cannot find a bootable drive and therefore reboot the system? If so you will need a boot disk. Otherwise you should get the following "C:\>".

When you formated the disk, which format did you use?

  webbo1968 09:28 20 May 2003

thanks Belatucadrus.

TechMad, if i don't put in a disk i get a message saying "Error reading operating system". all i did to the disk to get it to this state was format:c.

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