still can't get computer to do as its told!

  pixie-egg 18:10 09 Apr 2004

I bought a windows 95 game the other day, thinking i'd have no problems playing it on my WinXp computer, but i can't get the thing to work. I've changed the compatability thingy to Win95, and it installs and i get all the game menu, but as soon as i ask it to go into the actual game i get that awful WinXP tone telling me i cant and the screen just goes blank. Please help me as i feel this game and the computer are ganging up on me!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:16 09 Apr 2004

Have you done a google search for the game? There may be a way to run it via XP - what game is it?

  Old Shep 18:16 09 Apr 2004

When you buy a game or program check to see what it is compatable with. Lots of things do not work on XP even in compatability mode. I would very much doubt if it will work on your system now, I have loads of programs that are sat doing nothing but that is the price you pay for upgrading.

  pixie-egg 18:21 09 Apr 2004

the game is international rugby league. i just presumed it would work.

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