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  menopaws1947 13:04 10 Nov 2007

Hi again, Ok am buying a lapton in next 7 days. I really fancy the Dell Inspiron 1501 - does it have a DVd player in it, I can't work it out. Also please can someone advise me if this is any good, as I like the price !

click here
If I buy that one can afford to keep my original Dell, if i buy the Dell one I might have to sell it.
I appreciate your help


  cream. 13:10 10 Nov 2007

the dell comes with a DVD+/-RW with Dual Layer.

So yes it does have a dvd here

  cream. 13:15 10 Nov 2007

the toshiba will be fine for basic computing. e.g. internet, office work, photos, playing dvd's and burning dvd's.

It will be poor for gaming, photo manipulation, capturing and redering video and any intensive work.

If you want a basic laptop to do minimal work, it's fine. If you want a better, faster system, then get the dell.

  menopaws1947 13:20 10 Nov 2007

Thanks Percy, I think this one will be my choice.
Imho, thank you also, I nearly bought it there and then !! liked the price. But my comp is on all day and I play a lot of online games.
Dell here I come !!!

  Totally-braindead 13:25 10 Nov 2007

Not trying to be offensive here but you mention that if you get the Dell you might have to sell your old one. Do you actually know how much you can get for it, just wanting to point out that laptops now can sell for as little as £299 and people therefore would be less inclined to pay a lot for a second hand machine.

I had a look at the Tosh, I like Toshibas and if I was going to get a laptop a Toshiba is what I would try to get, they are good sturdy workhorses and very reliable. But. The one you linked to has only 512mb RAM and that is too low even for Vista Basic. On the plus side another slab of memory is likely to be cheap, less than £20 and its not differcult to fit. If you do decide to get the Toshiba go to Crucial and get more memory because as it stands I think you would find it dissapointingly slow.
I think this is the Toshiba and as you can see memory is cheap click here

  woodchip 13:56 10 Nov 2007

I have just bought a HP with Centrino 2.13ghz CPU Multi DVD writer and a 60Gb hard drive runing XP for yes £295 incuding vat

  menopaws1947 17:17 10 Nov 2007

i am buying a new laptop with my £200 fuel payment in my first year as a pensioner !! so need to find the rest.
Since last posting my friend is buying my 2yr old Dell from me for £170 so need a new one now !! The Dell one is inundated with requests for this model so will have to wait a few weeks - so still open to suggestions

  Totally-braindead 18:26 10 Nov 2007

In my opinion if you're going for a lower end laptop by this I mean about the £300 mark its well worth shopping about and getting an XP one if you can, XP is less deamnding on the processor and needs less memory hence works quicker.
If you can't find an XP laptop then try to get one with 2 gig of memory and lastly if you can't get that be prepared to add more memory and make sure the laptop you buy will take it. The Toshiba is a good example of the latter. Its not a great processor to be honest and only has 512mb RAM which for Vista is far too low especially when you take into account that up to half of that 512 could be taken up by the graphics but add another gig of memory, and the link states it can take up to 2 gig, one in each slot , and it becomes a very useable machine. I would prefer XP as the 2 cheap laptops I have seen even with extra memory are not that fast but they are acceptable and I could live with it.

Just had a look at the basic Dell and with XP which costs an extra £23.50 and I'm surprised they charge extra for even though its XP Pro it comes in at £422.49 and to be honest with you. With XP, and that processor and 1 gig of memory it would fairly speed along. Much better than the Toshiba in terms of speed. Delivery is delayed 2 weeks due to demand and I could live with that.
Up to you of course, if you have a look at PC World and Currys etc you might find a better deal but the Dells a cracker as far as I'm concerned.

  menopaws1947 18:42 10 Nov 2007

i must admit, as I have sold my Dell tower, I need a fairly good laptop. The one I fancied was only £349 yesterday but is now £369 and as for Vista I really can't make my mind up as half people say it is good and half say they get freezing ! I have till monday to make final decision. I did build my last comp but still don't unerstand much about memory !! What are those pen thingies that you store on would they help ????

  cream. 18:47 10 Nov 2007

You say

' I play a lot of online games '

what sort of games?

  menopaws1947 18:51 10 Nov 2007

Maily on pogo, bingo, cribbage, qwerty etc, I also play a lot of demos Cake shop mania and those search and find ones but nothing heavier

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