Stiff laptop hinges

  johndrew 17:39 12 Sep 2009

My daughter has an Amilo laptop and the hinges have become increasingly stiff with time. As the screen is raised the hinges creak and judder through the rotation as the torque on them increases; similarly as the screen is closed.

Does anyone know of a cure for this `feature(?)`? I have used some WD40 very sparingly and it does help but only marginally. I doubt I could remove the screen/hinges without doing damage so it looks as if lubrication is the only option.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  mooly 18:08 12 Sep 2009

Hinges are a common problem on a lot of makes.
How tight is tight ? it's very subjective.
Always try and open with two fingers splayed centrally to put equal force on both hinges... never just grap a corner and pull it open.
WD40 won't do any harm but be very careful what you use, any mineral bases oils can attack and soften plastic over time which would be a disaster.
Your best bet is probably a silcone based lube.

  johndrew 10:27 13 Sep 2009

Thanks for coming back mooly.

The hinge is very stiff; you can see distortion of the case and screen as it is opened and it only `gives` with a jump.

I`m not sure how I would get a more viscous lubricant into the bearing surfaces as they are so tight and still stiff after using WD40. I`m also unaware of a silicone based lubricant in aerosol form which may do the job. Suggestions?

  Sea Urchin 11:44 13 Sep 2009

You can buy in your hardware store silicone spray (which incidentally should always be used on UPVc windows instead of WD40) - might be helpful.

  mooly 11:55 13 Sep 2009

Depending on physical access etc I would try and get some to "run down" a thin screwdriver etc into the hinge rather than spray which goes everywhere. Should be generally available, even car accessory shops etc, just don't pay over the odd for any.
It's possible the hinge is "faulty" or worn such that you may never fully cure it like this but I doubt it somehow.
I googled <amilo stiff hinge> and it seems it's almost meant to be that way, lot of entries anyway.

  johndrew 10:18 14 Sep 2009

Thanks for coming back people.

The information on the use of silicone on UPVc windows is good as well. Thanks for that.

I shall look for some liquid silicon (if available) and `leach` it into the hinges. As you say it is possible that galling of the surfaces has occurred in which case no amount of lubricant will help. The WD40 did help, and after an overnight stand, the operation though still `firm` was far smoother so I am hopeful.

Yes, there does seem to be a lot of comments on hinges across many laptops. I also agree the hinges need to have enough friction to keep the screen in position once open and also to protect the connections between base and screen. However there is a difference between normal `friction` and `stiction` where the resistance of the hinge is so great it could cause secondary damage; I place my daughter`s laptop in the second category.

Thanks again for your help and suggestions.

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