sticky KEYBOARD problem

  Novis 12:14 05 Oct 2004

I have a Sony Vaio system and use an Acer Airkey wireless keyboard [91.84R07.U51] which occasionally develops the following problems:

I have continually to press on the keys to generate on-screen response.

The problem seems to arise for no particular reason – then similarly resolves itself.

I occasionally have error messages telling me that the Control button is being held down when it is not.

The (Sony Vaio] scroll-wheel sometimes magnifies the on-screen text instead of moving through it – which seems to be related to it.

I’ve tired changing to fresh batteries; rebooted the system (which sometimes solves the scroll-wheel problem).

Do I need to reload drivers (it’s plug and play) ?

Anyone have any ideas [intelligible to a novice] ?

Are there other, more reliable keyboard alternatives – the Airkey is a laptop-size keyboard.

  Graham ® 12:21 05 Oct 2004

Sounds like the ctrl key is sticking, this would account for the text size changing with scroll.

  Novis 10:40 06 Oct 2004

The cntrl button responds when pressed - it may be the problem sometimes but I suspect theires something else going on.


  961 10:51 06 Oct 2004

Try uninstalling and deleting software and starting from scratch

Alternatively if still under warranty arrange for replacement

If none of that works a new keyboard seems to be the way ahead, but like other things like mice etc I am a great believer in a cord from the computer because in many cases it's all to do with batteries and interference from other components

  It's Me 12:43 06 Oct 2004

This sounds very similar to a problem I suffered. I agree with 961, change it.

My keyboard, would, for no apparent reason, decide to multiple key like, bbbbbbbbbbbbbb, or not react at all, or just sometimes, and it would drive me balmy.

Funny thing was it was always on a Friday morning.

Bought a wired keyboard and I've never had a problem since. Again, it is strange that my wireless mouse functions perfectly.

  spuds 20:10 06 Oct 2004

Perhaps click here

  Novis 12:55 25 Oct 2004

The problem for me is that I have toi locate my tower away from my keyboard and unless I have a customised cable made, it is too far for it to reach.

The problem seems to be with the infra red part of the cable into the computer. Although the end is only inches from the keypoard, it gets very fussy at times about whether it will respond to the keyboard.

  Mango Grummit 13:04 25 Oct 2004

""The problem for me is that I have toi locate my tower away from my keyboard and unless I have a customised cable made, it is too far for it to reach.""

LOL..... it must be if it takes three weeks to respond, very tiring!

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