Sticky cursor

  Diemmess 15:51 23 Apr 2009

I'm uneasy, because the fault is intermittent, and could get worse.
At present the fault seems most common in the first 20 minutes after switch on.

The cursor behaves normally until I try to move through My Computer, or click on File menu in Word typically, but in other applications as well.

The file menu retracts the moment I try to move down to a choice.
If I hold down the left mouse button, it highlights each choice and opens whatever is highlighted when I release the button!

Eventually things go back to normal and can sometimes be "cured" early by an extra click when still on the File button.

Of course there's no sign of the trouble as I type this now!!!

Running XP pro, a PS2 wheel optical mouse, and an old but still deemed reliable Cherry Standard Keyboard (also PS2)

I can borrow to swop hardware, mouse and keyboard, but hope someone can spot the culprit and save me some trouble.

  Diemmess 16:44 23 Apr 2009

Found an old mouse and tried that.
Same problem but only briefly. Though switched off for a few seconds, the PC had been on for a long time beforehand.

  Diemmess 15:00 25 Apr 2009

Changed keyboard and all has been normal and stable now for a couple of days.

  Pineman100 16:31 25 Apr 2009

It's a shame that nobody came to your aid, given the number of times you do so for others!

Strange that a problem with your keyboard should affect the mouse's behaviour. Or do you regard this as understandable, given that they're both PS2?

  Diemmess 17:25 25 Apr 2009

Confession time!

I didn't mention my prior adventure with the keyboard.......
I took the top off the old favourite Cherry keyboard as I've done before, literally to wash the grubby keys.

This time I fumbled dismantling, and a shocking disemboweling of the various membranes plus a sheet steel stiffener fell out.

At the first attempt after reassembly, it seemed fine until I realised about 15 keys at the left did nothing any more!

Looked inside again and found a four conductor ribbon had slipped out from its clamped position under the small circuit board.

It all seemed to be working for a day or two but then I realised there was still trouble and posted this thread. The fault tended to clear itself after 10-30 minutes, but in the meantime was very frustrating.

You say "Strange that a problem with your keyboard should affect the mouse's behaviour. Or do you regard this as understandable, given that they're both PS2?"

If a keyboard through physical damage is either fibbing or inconsistant in response, I suppose it can upset virtually anything.

I tend to rabbit-on at times, but expressing my thoughts even if no one replies, does often throw up a new line to follow, and I appreciate your comment.

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