Sticking screen???

  AdventCalendar 14:06 27 Jan 2003


A mate of mine is having a few probs with his PC,

when he is trying to run any programmes from the hard drive [ie norton, pc doctor, scan disk, defrag] the screen keeps freezing.

He has re-installed to original factory settingas but this seems to have done nothing.

It also sticks when he is trying to install software.

The memory left on the PC is 87%, and when the screen sticks he has to turn it off, but it wont let him boot it back up until 5-10 mins later??

any ideas???

he's at the end of his tether. It has just come out of warranty.

cheers, i know you lot can help him.


  Djohn 14:17 27 Jan 2003

First thought would be overheating, can you check all fans are working, and not clogged up wit fluff.

  AdventCalendar 15:37 27 Jan 2003

seems ok....

tried defraging before and got to 28% and then froze, and that was left for over 2 hours to complete....nothing!!!

  Djohn 15:44 27 Jan 2003

OK, next thing to try is memory! if more than one stick, then remove one and try, then re-place, remove other and try again.

  AdventCalendar 18:35 27 Jan 2003

what do you mean, "if more than one stick" ??


  AdventCalendar 08:42 28 Jan 2003

no one have any idea with this??????


  Djohn 09:19 28 Jan 2003

Morning AdventCalendar, sorry about that. Memory comes in what we call sticks, and you can have one or more in your PC, IE: 1x256 or 2x128=256 or any combination to make up the amount of memory in the PC.

If one is faulty, then you can check for this by doing the above.

Will you also please confirm if the PC is sticking on all programs, or just on defrags and scans. J.

  Gongoozler 09:41 28 Jan 2003

AdventCalendar, my first thoughtr was that this is a software problem - but then I read your original posting more carefully. If you can't reboot for 5 to 10 minutes, it has to be an overheating problem. There is nothing else in the computer that retains any memory after switching off. If after switching off you can't even get to the black and white boot screen, then I would suspect processor overheating. If you can get this far, but cannot load Windows, then I suspect hard drive overheating. The first symptons you mention also point to hard drive problems, so it could be that the hard drive is developing a fault or that your friend needs a hard drive cooling fan.

  AdventCalendar 08:28 29 Jan 2003


Hi, its for any programmes mate. That run off the hard drive. [norton, pc doctor, defrag]


  Djohn 10:18 29 Jan 2003

Morning AdventCalendar, yes but these are utilities. what about games/word/office programs, screensavers, or any other use, such as the internet?

  AdventCalendar 11:17 29 Jan 2003

will ask him, and let ya know at about 1:30pm today. :-)


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