Sticking mouse - literally

  Bodi 21:28 28 Jun 2003

For the sake of someone's dignity let's take this as a hypothetical case.

Someone, after doing a repair job on a ornament, didn't notice super glue was still - er active, on their fingers. The upshot is, that their computer mouse is now firmly stuck to their hand. No way is this expensive mouse going into water - any suggestions, please?


  Djohn 21:34 28 Jun 2003

LOL, your not back in the forum for more than a few minutes, and your getting yourself in a mess again :o)

Not sure what you can use at this time of night, think you may need to take the rodent to bed with you, but in the morning, local DIY store sells fluid for un-sticking super-glue.

Sorry can't stop laughing, wish I could be with you when you go to shop. j.

  powerless 21:37 28 Jun 2003


  fred 21:41 28 Jun 2003

Warm water,soap and gentle leverage normally work.

Try applying the above using a papet towel or small cloth.

  monkeyshine 21:59 28 Jun 2003

Yep, heat will soften super glue, (a hairdryer perhaps?)

  jazzypop 22:07 28 Jun 2003

Acetone - try nail polish remover. Beware that acetone can also act as a solvent on some plastics (such as your mouse) - apply sparingly to the poor 'anonymous' victim :)

  Bodi 22:13 28 Jun 2003

Djohn: Who said it was me? (hangs head in shame)

The ruddy bottle was leaking and I didn't notice -
hubby no help - he's rummaging in his toolbox - suggested paint stripper - ouch! and he won't stop laughing.

  Agent Smith 22:19 28 Jun 2003

Remove finger at the knuckle but try not to get blood on the keyboard. That's a point. It's a good job you weren't typing!

  KARINA 22:21 28 Jun 2003

When you get that mouse off - tell us all how you did it..........just in case it happens to anyone of least you made us laugh........i just looked into this thread thinking that your mouse was at fault........but this.......hope you get it off...........just look on the bright side.....if you don't get it off then you can't make your hubbys'

  DieSse 22:25 28 Jun 2003

Unplug mouse from system, and leave it stuck to hand.

Claim to have the worlds first bionic "mousehand".

  Djohn 22:45 28 Jun 2003

I'll let you into a, so far well kept secret! and it's true. 5 years back, when I still lived in Blackpool, I had just been using the dreaded stuff, and went to the bathroom to..... Er shall we say spend a penny. I think you can guess the rest of the story

I spent the night in Victoria hospital, never been the same since, still have a very small scar. Don't tell the rest of the forum. j. :o(

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