Sticking Mouse again

  Hit & Miss 15:47 23 Jan 2004

Basically the mouse sticks or momentarily hesitates from time to time on a regular basis. This is most noticable & annoying when manipulating entities in a drawing or graphics programme.
Any quick solutions please?
I have of course established it's not a mechanical problem in any way & tried other mice - same fault.

  Valvegrid 17:42 23 Jan 2004

It sounds like you've had this problem before by your wording, so I hope I'm not suggesting something old.

I used to have this problem a few years ago and traced it back to the CD ROM driver Auto Insert Notification, I unticked it and everthing worked fine, don't know why, it shouldn't happen.

I'm not saying it's the same, but it could be a program running in the background, try alt+control+delete to see what's running and close things down apart from Sys Tray and Explorer and see if this makes a differance.

  Djohn 20:52 23 Jan 2004

click here If you stay with the same thread, then others will be able to see what you have tried and offer further advice.

Is your main mouse a corded one or cordless? does it have a ball underneath, or is it one of those with a light?

If everything is OK with the mouse itself and you are having the same problems with other "Known" to be good one's, then try going to control panel click on printers and other hardware, then right click on the mouse and choose properties.

From there you can adjust the speed and accuracy of the mouse movements. Give this a try and if it's no better, please post back to this thread and someone will help further. j.

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