Sticking cordless optical mouse

  noobtype 10:38 21 Jan 2008

My Cordless Click Optical mouse works fine some days, then other days it completely freezes up and I can barely get it to move to the right place on the screen. I tried re-installing it and changing usb ports but it's the same. It used to be fine all the time so it's pretty confusing. Could it be a virsus problem? The fact that some days it's fine makes me think the problem is not the mouse itself. And the batteries are fine

Any help appreciated

  DieSse 12:52 21 Jan 2008

The pointer can "freeze" and get jerky movements if the system gets very busy doing "windows" things in the background (for example indexing).

When it does get bad, is the hard disk activity light on all or most of the time?

  noobtype 13:27 21 Jan 2008

im at work now so not sure, but i don't think so

  Stuartli 13:43 21 Jan 2008

It could be that your mouse mat has too dark a background in some areas.

I use an old mouse mat and Sellotape a sheet of A4 paper to it, renewing the paper as necessary - it's also handy for jotting down phone numbers etc...:-)

  noobtype 16:14 21 Jan 2008

I don't use a mouse mat as it's optical, just the desk. It's worked fine for months, the change is sudden.

  mfletch 16:22 21 Jan 2008

What else have you got plugged into a USB port,

When I plug in my printer the mouse does not respond as good,


  noobtype 16:32 21 Jan 2008

Let's see...I have a mobile phone, external hard-drive, and 5.1 speakers. No printer. Think that's it.

  Chris the Ancient 16:35 21 Jan 2008

Daft questions...

Batteries OK?

Not knocked the receiver into a dark corner?

  mfletch 16:35 21 Jan 2008

Are any unplugged when the problem goes away

  Chris the Ancient 16:37 21 Jan 2008

Just seen that the batteries are OK

  noobtype 16:41 21 Jan 2008

Ok i'll try to unplug stuff later. The hard drive is twitchy at best so maybe. Yeah batts are good. Does the reciever need to completely unobstructed? As it's kinda underneath the desk, but as i said it all used to work like that.

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