Sticking CD drawer

  Halmer 11:06 09 Oct 2004

When my lad tries to eject (or insert) a CD the drawer on his PC tries to open but can't. If you lever it about as you press the eject button it eventually opens. I've removed the flap at the front to no avail so it must be something mechanical.

Can anyone suggest an easy fix please?

  muscic lover 11:21 09 Oct 2004

be aware that your PC should be UNPLUGGED FROM THE MAINS at this point.

One fix might be to get the cog wheels (look in the open drawer to see if they are visible) lubricated , as after years they can wear or become sticky (my friend has had the same problem - he has to do this every 3 - 4 months) - and clean them with metholayted spirits He uses a cotton wool bud.

He then uses another clean bud soaked in WD 40 to re rub the cogs.... and he is jam free for a few months more.

(Or else it may need a trip to a computer service centre, )

I hope this may be of use to you.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:23 09 Oct 2004

Is it a standard CD drive? If so, you can replace it easily for about £10 or so or with a DVD rom drive £15.

  Taff36 11:54 09 Oct 2004

Over the years I have had several CD Rom drives fail due to mechanical problems. In every case when I have taken the thing to bits it is a bit of plastic broken and unrepairable. (Might be worth a look if you really want to but unplug the computer, remove the entire drive and open it on a tray so any broken bit drops onto it.

Not surprisingly the first one that broke was because my son then 12, used to push (roughly) the drawer closed instead of using the button!

  Halmer 18:01 09 Oct 2004

It's just a 40x standard CR reader. I'll have a look with a torch. At that price I'll get a new one from Maplins or somewhere.

  BT 09:38 10 Oct 2004

You ain't likely to get one at that price from Maplins. Try click here.

  Halmer 14:50 10 Oct 2004


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