oldbeefer2 22:28 01 Apr 2007

Suggested to FE that 'stickies' would be a good idea (I've seen these on other sites where the regularly asked questions like 'slow computer' or 'which free downloads to use' are always at the top of the forum list. I've had no response from FE, but think it would help the newbies and reduce repeat postings. Your thoughts?

  phono 22:39 01 Apr 2007

I would personally prefer to see the "fresher" stuff at the top of the forum.

  MAJ 22:52 01 Apr 2007

Stickie posts are one of my pet hates, before you know it, you have half a dozen of the things stuck at the top of active threads. The way round it is to have an FAQ page where posters can be directed to. That means someone has to create, monitor and update it.

  g0slp 22:59 01 Apr 2007

Surely the 'Search' facility is better for stuff like this?

  woodchip 23:39 01 Apr 2007

Well I have been hear for some years and It still works OK for me. When you start with things like that it blocks the top part of the Screen. It would put me off.

  Kate B 00:06 02 Apr 2007

I hate stickies, too - they hang around for far too long and you can find them taking up half a page.

  Enoch 00:13 02 Apr 2007

Can someone please explain. I use "sticky notes" for reminding myself "things to do". How do stickies help within the PCAdvisor forum?

Please excuse my ignorance as I am a senior, maybe not stupid, but I do not understand.

  phono 00:25 02 Apr 2007

Certain threads within a forum can be treated as a "sticky", whereby it will remain at the top of the list of threads when a forum is visited, it would not matter if a completely new thread was started and umpteen posts were made, if it was not deemed to be a "sticky" it would not make the top of the forum where much older "stickies" would.

  Migwell 00:44 02 Apr 2007

Well put phono. Very happy with the way it is now. You can always use SEARCH FORUM at the top of the help forum page and ask it to show anything that has gone before on a certain subject.
Please don't bother with stickies it's all to easy the way it is, so don't try to fix things that arn't broke!

  oldbeefer2 09:07 02 Apr 2007

OK, so I'm a minority! Just seems a way to avoid the very frequent posting of similar questions by newcomers who don't use the search. End up with a lot of needless clutter. But, hey, this is a democracy so ticked as resolved.

  Enoch 10:35 02 Apr 2007


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