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  michelleuk 02:13 05 Jan 2003
  michelleuk 02:13 05 Jan 2003


I have 2 speakers and on one I can attach headphones, apart from being able to hear a Germal radio station occiasionally it appears one of the speaks no longer works as the sound comes out from only one.

The otherday before my monitor decided it didn't like the green filiment I was watching a dvd film and wearing some headphone. On the headphones I can adjust the volume and switch between mono and stereo. With my normal headphones the sound comes through one side only, when I use my normal hi fi headphones, the same happens, if it is in stereo sound only comes through one side, but when I click to mono, sound comes from both sides.

I guess I am being rather dumb but why can it come throug both sides when it is in mono and not stereo?

Does anyone else have any problems of hearing some radio station on their speakers occaisionally? It is not a regular accurence, maybe once a month if that, but it can be annoying. If I play music then it stops, but if I am just typing away, with the speakers on, then I get to hear the radio station. More interesting, it only happens at night!

Any help would be nice,

Thank you
Take Care

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  DJ Garry 02:23 05 Jan 2003

Double click the speaker near your clock and check all the balance controls are in the middle. If this is ok, you could have a problem with your soundcard.
If you have only one half of a stereo signal, when you flick the mono switch on your headphones you are telling it to split what ever is coming in (stereo or mono) equally to both speakers. It just proves your headphones are ok, from the mono switch to the speakers anyway. If there is a break in the cable from the plug to the switch, that would cause this problem, but you say the same happens with a different pair of headphones so you should be ok there.
Good luck

  DJ Garry 02:24 05 Jan 2003

Forgot to ask, is the sound from the main speakers ok or is that only from one side also?

  michelleuk 03:42 05 Jan 2003


I have already checked the sound settings and all of them are in the middle. And both speakers do work but the one on the right works fine, the one of the left is exceedingly faint, often not at all. How do I test or see if its the sound card and how much are they to replace?


Take Care

  crx16 04:00 05 Jan 2003

what sound card - try control panel\sounds and multimedia, then under the 'voice' or 'audio' tab, you may see your preferred device.this info could be helpful.

some sound cards have seperate mixers.

  Gongoozler 08:14 05 Jan 2003

Michelle, I suspect that the problem is at the input to the sound card. If you only have one channel of a stereo signal at the input, you will only get one channel at the output. If you click "mono", the two input channels get combined, but if one channel is missing, then the combined level will only be half what it should be. The problem could be caused by a setting or hardware problem. Setting sound cards is not helped by the fact that there are often several software controls. These can be in the control panel for the sound card as well as in Windows Control Panel Multimedia. Also try reseating the sound card and (for analogue cd sound) the cable from the cd drive to the sound card.

  michelleuk 00:44 06 Jan 2003


I checked the sound system via control pannel and multimedia.

This is the basics it gave me

Playback SB AudioPCI 64 playback

Soundblaster Audio PCI 64V

Under audio - Hardware acceleration - fast
Sample rate conversion - Good

And the speakers are listed as desk top speakers.

Is this of any use?

Take Care

  crx16 00:48 06 Jan 2003

maybe,in control panel ,other than 'sounds and multimedia', do you have 'audioHQ'

  northamuk 00:54 06 Jan 2003

I have had similar probs, it was a bad connection, try rotating the mini-plug or pulling it out and then putting it back in. Best to use headphones when doing this - you can hear it happening.

  dez fowler 02:30 06 Jan 2003

i agree with northamuk that the speaker lead is most probably not connected correctly to the back of your computer or if one speaker plugs into the other it could be that connection also, check both

dont under any circumstances use headphones when doing this especially if the jacks on your soundcard are metal, a burst of static through the headphones could seriously damage your hearing

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