Step by step set up pls?

  nick_j007 09:58 16 Apr 2009

Hi all I have a Netgear wireless router for my mum this model click here

She has a new laptop which will be arriving with her shortly, and she would like to run this wirelessly of course.

Her desktop will remain 'hard wired' directly to the router. Desktop is XP, the laptop will be Vista.

Can anyone offer a step by step plan of how to go about setting this up in the right order please?

I won't be there to help, so to send her a plan would be very helpful I'm sure.

I gather this router is easy to set up.

Many thanks in advance.


  Tech Guy 10:37 16 Apr 2009

This router is one of the easiest to use ;)

First you need to know the routers SSID and WPA/WPA2 password: do do this login to the router by typing into the web browser and use the username "admin" and password "admin" or "password" - without the quotes ;).

Once logged into router she needs to find the wireless settings. Usualy by clicking setup.

Change the SSID to a name of your choice and then select WPA or WPA2 (the later is better). Type in a long password, taking note of it. Then click apply and log out of router.

On the laptop right click on the little TVs next to the clock (bottom right of screen.) Then select connect to a network. Windows will search for wireless networks in the area. Select the one which is the same as the SSID as you typed in on the router. Then type in the long password from before , then click connect.

You should now be connected wirelessly.

  nick_j007 13:28 16 Apr 2009

Thank you Tech guy!

I have just spoken and my mum has been in John Lewis today looking at routers.

The guy there says that it will not suitable for her as she is with Cable-Virgin.

I don't know either way, so I have let her get on with it, and she will buy a router that is (apparently) correct for her.

I shall show her your notes in any event.

Thanks again.

  Tech Guy 13:38 16 Apr 2009

She just needs to buy a wireless cable router.

Try the PC world staff they not too bad for advice.

  nick_j007 13:52 16 Apr 2009

As a quick aside, I use one of these a 3com wireless routers the WL540A click here

Would the Netgear serve me better than the 3com? I do get occassional drop outs from what is otherwise not a bad signal.

Is it worth the swap basically?

Many thanks.


  Strawballs 16:31 16 Apr 2009

click here this is the microsoft guide using cable routers

  Strawballs 16:36 16 Apr 2009

click here Any one of these will do

  nick_j007 17:10 16 Apr 2009

Thank you Strawballs!

I admit to thinking any router will do any provider/computer...clearly not!

  Strawballs 18:54 16 Apr 2009

No cable (Virgin Media) you use a seperate modem (ISP supplied) and router and ADSL (Throught BT phone line) you need a combined modem/router. that replaces the ISP modem

  nick_j007 19:00 16 Apr 2009

Gotcha thanks.

Any thoughts on changing my existing modem the 3com as above to the Netgear as first post?

Might it be a superior signal/stability?

Thanks will mark this resolved otherwise :)


  Tech Guy 20:47 16 Apr 2009

If you have the correct router for your type of broadband you can always just swap them and see if the connection improves.

You never know until you try, as in life ;)

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