stealth ports & Kaspersky firewall

  Quartermain 16:44 01 May 2009

I have Kaspersky Internet Security istalled on one of my PCs. The ShieldsUp test at Gibbs Research Corporation listed many ports as closed but not stealthed. I disabled the KIS firewall component and re-installed Comodo Firewall Pro. All my ports are now stealthed again.

I brought this up with KIS’s technical support. Their reply said:

"The ports that are "stealthed" are open, being used by programmes to exchange packets with the cloud, those that are closed are exactly that, closed so that no traffic can pass through.
Your ICMP echo test was negative, this is definitive confirmation your machine is effectively invisible on the web."

Does the KIS assertion that stealthed ports are open make sense? And how can my PC be "invisible on the web" when ShieldsUp listed ports that are closed but not stealthed?

shields up is quite out of date, and pretty much all modern firewalls will fail, if firewall is set to auto, because the browser is doing what it's told to do.
kaspersky firewall is the best part of the package IMHO.
both kis and pc tool have stealth disabled by default, if everythings stealthed nothing will work so you create a rule for 1 application and everything else can jump though.
stealth doesnt really work. controlling what traffic can flow in and out of your ports, that works!
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  Quartermain 23:54 03 May 2009

Thanks for replyint to the query. Much appreciated.

Your assertion that "if everythings stealthed nothing will work" raises questions in my mind because:

(1) At present I am running comodo firewall pro instead of the kis firewall, and all my ports are reported as stealthed by shieldsup, and my browser works without any problems.

(2) I also have pctools internet security suite installed on another computer, and shieldsup reports all its ports as stealthed, and again my browser works without any problems.

shields up reports mine stealthed too, and i dont have a software firewall, just default inbound on a homehub router. havnt used a firewall other than this for over 2 years.
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personnal choice of course, i just find security programs to be ineffective, and a grind on my system.

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