status bar has gone and i'm fuming

  happylady 02:13 20 Jul 2005

i have searched in the archive on this website for answers to a lost status bar problem but none of the solutions posted which i have tried has worked for my pc.

i'm sitting here very angry now, don't know if my pc has been hi-jacked. been having problems with BT yahoo anti-spyware, i use it every day and now for 2 days it has failed to work - a message from microsoft comes up asking if i want to "debug, send error report, don't send".

i've got symantec anti virus, i think i know how to keep it up to date, have clicked on the live update and it says all components are up to date. the scanning features of anti virus seem to work okay. however, before i lost my status bar, a red security notification icon from the security center always keeps popping up when i log on. it says to click here to solve the problem. when i click, it says anti-virus software is installed but make sure it is up to date. i don't understand this because i've scanned it several times to ensure that it is up to date. does anyone know why this symbol keeps appearing? my pc came with the software installed, do i have to subcribe to them to keep things running smoothly?

i can't even log off this morning!! since there is no START button. i am using dial up and will simply take the phone off the hook to end my session.

incidentally, all this happened after i installed the free new BT modem protection software and 2 days after, i scanned the prgram for viruses and BANG!! my status bar just disappeared!! i am fuming right now because i have loads of work to do online and don't have the knowledge to rectify these problems without having to ask you compu techs out there.

  happylady 02:18 20 Jul 2005

guess what? i just pressed that button next to CTRL, the one with the microsoft symbol on it and up came the window that says log off and turn off computer but start is still missing. at least i can log off now but still the other problems remain and my status bar is nowhere in sight.

  VoG II 06:40 20 Jul 2005

1) With (only one) IE open, click View, select: Status Bar

2) Right-click on IE's Toolbar and select: "Lock the Toolbars"

3) Hold down the Ctrl key and click the close button (upper right)

4) Open WINDOWS Explorer, click View, select: Status Bar

5) Right-click on Explorer's Toolbar and select: "Lock the Toolbar"

6) Click Tools | Folder Options | View tab

7) Click the "Apply to all folders" button. (Click OK if this gives you another dialogue question)

8) Hold down the Ctrl key and click the close button (upper right)

9) Reopen IE to any page, right-click on a link and select: "Open in New Window" The Status Bar should remain visible.

  ventanas 08:41 20 Jul 2005

Is this the status bar, or the taskbar that we are talking about? ("there is no start button.") I can't see the BT program causing this, its ok on my machine.

Is the taskbar simply hidden? Try going to control panel\Taskbar and Start menu and see if autohide is ticked. Or just hover the mouse where the taskbar should be and see if it appears.

If it is the status bar you mean then apologies to VoG for butting in.

  ventanas 08:45 20 Jul 2005

If it is the taskbar and you are using XP click here

  VoG II 17:31 20 Jul 2005

Ah, if it is the Taskbar click here

  DieSse 17:42 20 Jul 2005

Or if it's the task bar - perhaps you've just dragged it's size down too low.

Can you see just the very top of it at the bottom of the screen? - If so put your mouse down on it until the cursor changes to a vertical double headed arrow - then click'ndrag upwards until it's as high as you want. On a 17" and above screen with WinXP I think two "units" high is best. Then right click on it and select "Lock the Taskbar" so you can't accidentally do it again!

  VoG II 22:22 20 Jul 2005

Did any of this help, happylady?

  Stuartli 22:47 20 Jul 2005

Try pressing F11 - it expands to maximise the available Window estate area and toggling it again reverts to normal.

  stalion 18:55 21 Jul 2005

any luck what is your current status

  happylady 00:15 22 Jul 2005

yes it was the task bar and not the status bar, i'm sorry for confusing the issue, i was mistaken. after i logged off and came back the next day, the task bar was intact and i have had no problems with it since.

however, i i still have a couple of remaining problems on my pc. on the task bar, the red icon from windows security alert remains there constantly when i'm online. it advises me that my computer may be at risk as my virus status is unknown. this is confusing to me (note my earlier thread). i really don't understand what the problem is with symantec if i already have it installed, i'm seeing it activated whenever i download something.

i installed bt yahoo anti spyware and it was working okay for a few months and now i think it may have become corrupted because it's no longer working. also i cannot find it in my list of programs when i go into control panel. i was going to remove the program from my pc and then re-install it but apparently the program seems to be no longer there, that's why i think it has become corrupted. (this problem occurred with a program from a learn direct course that i did).

ventanas what is the web address for installing bt yahoo anti spyware - i've been to the BT pages but for some reason i cannot see where the link is.

thank you all for your suggestions.

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