Stationary Background Colours in Outlook Express

  Steinman 22:25 13 Mar 2004

When I make up a new stationary I want to use other "exciting" colours to form a background colour,instead of those available, when using the create new Stationary Wizard. Is there anyway of doing that?

  LastChip 00:08 14 Mar 2004

Use a graphics editor to create what you want. Save it as a .bmp or jpeg file.

Use the Wizard, select your masterpiece and all should be well.

  Steinman 09:29 14 Mar 2004

I can see your idea & indeed have done that for a Picture.Using the whole background 1 colour as a jpg of just a single colour as a sort of alternative. But I wanted to change the actual drop down Colour menu choice.
Thanx for reply

  Pesala 10:26 14 Mar 2004

This solution is a bit geekish, but it works well enough.

Browse to you Outlook Express Stationery Folder in Windows Explorer. On my Windows ME system this is:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery

In this folder you will find a number of HTML files that are used when you select stationery. Ivy is one that uses a plain background colour, so experiment on that one.

Make a copy of ivy.html, let's call it my.html

Open my.html in notepad. You will find it is quite a simple text file. One line in this file sets the background colour for the stationery.

background-color: "#FFFFFD";

Now all you need is to find out the HEX value of the colour you like. click here for a list of HTML colours with HEX values. Pick a colour you like and copy its HEX value to the clipboard. Replace #FFFFFD with the new value, and save my.html

I hope that is enough to get you started. You should be able to work out how to use a different tiled image of your choice for the border. Now you can select My.html when composing a message in Outlook Express.

  Pesala 10:43 14 Mar 2004

Instead of copying and pasting the HEX value, why not use the colour name? This will make the HTML file easier to understand, and it works just the same.

I replaced "#FFFFFD"; with "powderblue"; and it worked just fine. Then I changed the font colour by editing the text colour line:

color: "darkblue";

Learn, and enjoy. (~_~)

  Steinman 19:53 14 Mar 2004

Had a play @ being geekish & did ok. Cheers folks.
Is there any way to change the list of drop down font colours to include other colours in that too whilst writing a message on my newly coloured backgrounds!?

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