ediface 12:39 27 Oct 2010

Hi Guys, I have just purchased an Acer Notebook (yesterday) and am getting an annoying 'Windows Security' pop up which asks me for my user name and password so that it can connect to '' I have been to the startup menu and it is not in there, I have loaded msconfig and cannot find it there, and have looked in installed programs and it's not in there either. I have installed Malwarebytes in case it is a virus and it is not found. Can anyone help me as it is driving me to distraction! Thanks.

  mooly 12:55 27 Oct 2010

Did you buy it brand new ? Have you loaded any applications ?

If it's brand new I would go along with with the pop up and just see what happens... you can always just reinstall the whole OS from the hidden partition anyway to bring it back to day one so use this as a chance to learn and experiment.

As to security I would definitely use MSE (Microsoft security essentials) and install no other real time scanning packages.

  ediface 13:32 27 Oct 2010

Hi Mooly, I have tried running it but it won't accept my user name or password.

  Ventad 13:58 27 Oct 2010

I googled it and came up with this (same question and some answers) click here

  ediface 14:09 27 Oct 2010

Hi Ventad, I too Googled it and saw those answers, none of which helped unfortunately.

  T0SH 14:23 27 Oct 2010


Is the logon to an email server

Was this machine was sold to you new ?, click log off to see who is the registered owner is, is it your name ?, if the answer to all of the above is no then do as the earlier post suggested and restore the machine to factory settings should not lose anything belonging to you and get rid of that log in screen

Cheers HC

  ediface 15:23 27 Oct 2010

Hi Tosh, Yes the laptop is brand new (1 day old) and (as far as I know) has never been used by anyone else. All I did was activate Windows and install MS Office 2010. If all else fails I will restore the laptop to its factory settings but I suspect this will happen again.

  ediface 19:16 27 Oct 2010

Thanks l24. I'll give this a go and let you know if it works. I've opened the software but could not see the target icon - where do I find it? Thanks once again.

  ediface 13:43 30 Oct 2010

Thanks guys for all your help. The annoying popup appears to have gone away on it's own accord. If it returns I'll do another posting.

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