Static IP Address & Broadband Speed

  Legslip 10:51 16 Jun 2013

My friend has been told that their Bband speed is slow (1.9mb/sec) because they have a static IP address. Does a static IP Address impact on speed?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:56 16 Jun 2013


Most ISPs will require you to have a Dynamic address

I had my TV box connect to the net on a static address to make it easier to use certain programs to move files from the box to the PC for editing but found that the picture stuttered with a static address but was good with a dynamic.

  LastChip 11:36 16 Jun 2013

I can't see any reason why a static address should make any difference. It's simply a number that identifies who you are.

I've run with a static address for years now with no ill effects.

  retep888™ 11:40 16 Jun 2013


Which ISP your friend's with? Is his/her broadband slow speed issue constant or temporary ? I'm with O2 on static IP connection for years without any slow speed issue but lately it drops to 1.5 to 5 Mbps occasionally for a short time possibly due to migrating network to Sky.

Fruit Bat /\0/\

I think Legslip meant static WAN IP not static local IP.

  john bunyan 12:45 16 Jun 2013

I get about 9.6mbps on an "up to 8 mbps" service with Talk Talk (Pipex) - been on a fixed IP for years.

  Legslip 12:58 16 Jun 2013

Retep888. They are with TalkTalk. Speed is constantly slow (1.9). They are about 3/4 mile from the exchange. They have been advised to go on another package to get a higher speed.

  spuds 17:48 16 Jun 2013

Who advised them to go to another package, because if there is a problem with the line or at the exchange, then moving might not resolve the issue.

I had a number of problems with disconnections, slow speeds and all the rest of it. Talktalk (my ISP) said the fault was on my side, it wasn't, it was on their side. After contacting the CEO direct, all sorts of help became available, and I ended up with a reasonable speed with no further disconnections. My speed went from 'about or below' 1Mbps to 6mbps, which the latter speed was the speed BT OpenReach (at the time) said was the maximum for the line.

  Legslip 18:13 16 Jun 2013

Thanks Spuuds. Similar situ here. Had to go to Chaimans office to get something done. The slow speed IS of their making and they state that it is because of the IPS capped at 2mb/sec. They advise a change of package but unless they offer a good deal as a gesture of goodwill then it will be a change of ISP! I have a liking for Plusnet at the moment. My customer experience with them thus far has been good.

  woodchip 21:40 16 Jun 2013

Try turning the router off at the back for about a minute then back on, retest

  Legslip 23:04 16 Jun 2013

Thanks Woodchip but that was the first thing I tried. The 2mb speed was at the incoming BT NTP with no back/internal wiring connected.

  rdave13 23:31 16 Jun 2013

I'd give Talk Talk a chance to resolve this issue first, even though it may take time, then if still not happy, then think of changing ISP. Why you should change 'package' to up the speed baffles me unless the customer requested a 2 Meg download connection on original contract for the price.

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