Statelite maps

  jtt 13:08 23 Oct 2006

I know that Google do them, but the resolutions in many parts of the UK is poor. Does anyone else do any free on-line images? I heard that Microsoft were going to, but couldn't find anything.

  rodriguez 13:14 23 Oct 2006

click here for Microsoft's version. There is a lot more high detail coverage, and although it doesn't zoom quite as far, the pictures are a bit sharper.

  Fellsider 15:58 23 Oct 2006

You could try click here not all areas are covered though.

  MickinPlymouthUK 03:24 24 Oct 2006

One way round it is to buy Flight Sim 2004 and then buy a disk of photo-realistic detailed scenery covering the area you're interested in then just "fly" over it and save a screenshot to your PC ;)
I can mail you shots of some English/Welsh areas if you let me know the precise spots you want..
Check it -
click here

  dogbreath1 07:16 24 Oct 2006

I don't think that there's anything better than Google Earth for this type of thing at the moment... least I've not seen a better option.

  jtt 12:40 25 Oct 2006

Does Google earth give me anything better than Google maps? I'm not interested in the visual zooming in - I always type the post code into Google maps, then click the satellite button. Am I missing out?

  Fellsider 18:13 25 Oct 2006

Both Look to be the same.

  MickinPlymouthUK 18:57 25 Oct 2006

Google Earth is free so give it a try, its an "eye in the sky" and you can usually zoom in to see what your neighbours cooking on his garden barbecue -
click here

  oldbeefer2 22:45 25 Oct 2006

I think it's more likely to show what he was cooking 3/4 years ago when the mapping was done!

  Technotiger 23:12 25 Oct 2006

The latest mapping in Google Earth was early 2006 on my version.

  Technotiger 23:15 25 Oct 2006

Google is much better than Google Maps - you can still just type in the Postcode.

That's my opinion anyway.


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