rotormota 07:02 08 Oct 2005

I have put StatCounter on my website as my preferred counter.

It is invisible apart from a logo on the last page.

It seems reputable & was recommended here. Initially I thought how great all the info given for each visitor including location & even their operating system but then I wondered if I have unwittingly added a tracking cookie or spyware to my site?

Any ideas?


  Forum Editor 08:55 08 Oct 2005

StatCounter is a perfectly reputable organisation, and I certainly haven't heard of them using spyware. If they did, the word would soon get about, and they would have no business. They make their money from the advertisers you see on the StatCounter page that you login to when you want to view your stats.

Plenty of good web hosts have excellent stat software running on their servers, and often they'll turn it on for site at no charge, or for a token charge. It does the same analysis as the StatCounter software, but the information is on your own server - it's worth asking.

  rotormota 10:54 08 Oct 2005

Thanks FE.

I want to be absolutely sure I'm not lodging malware into visitors PCs.


  mco 12:05 08 Oct 2005

I've been using it for nearly a year (invisibly) and it gives me loads of useful information and I've not suffered any problems with it. (they have their own forum which might cover some of your concerns btw)

  rotormota 12:10 08 Oct 2005

Cheers M.

  mco 12:11 08 Oct 2005

you might find you get addicted to it!!

  rotormota 12:15 08 Oct 2005

Yes does appear to be informative. Do you know about the log quota? Mine is set to 100. Don't quite understand it but somewhere it seemed to indicate I may need to increase the number?

  mco 20:49 08 Oct 2005

it does explain it somewhere on their site but I think they give the detailed info for just one hundred page loads and then they start again - so if you want info about more than that you have to start paying for it It depends how many a day view your site and how quickly you get to the one hundred pageloads I suppose.

  Red Devil 21:25 09 Oct 2005

Just installed Statcounter on 2 of my sites and I'm really impressed with the program/utility.

  rotormota 21:31 09 Oct 2005

Mine keeps logging me out despite trying their cookie adjustment idea.

Any other ideas?


  mco 23:27 09 Oct 2005

Is that what you get when you access the site? I just ignore it and log in each time anyway.

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