startup winxp

  kimosabi 22:01 14 May 2003

Hi folks
I am back again
I seem to have a problem on startup my computer starts in recovery mode two options (1)start from hdd (2) start from cdrom I leave it count down to start from hdd then everything seems to be ok? I seem to remember seeing a message that it could not find the windows config sys but I have not seen that message since then any help would be helpfull

  VoG™ 22:14 14 May 2003

Start, Run, type in


(note the space before /)

and OK. Have your XP disk to hand.

  kimosabi 23:24 14 May 2003

I was going to put your name in the title for this prob I had a funny feeling you would answer this . Ok I did what you said but stopped to ask a question if i re install winxp now will I lose any the progs I have on ???????

  VoG™ 23:26 14 May 2003

No and SFC will not touch your files, it just restores Windows system files.

  User-312386 23:35 14 May 2003

agree with VoG™ on this one


also go to windows updates and download the critical ones

  kimosabi 00:50 15 May 2003

ok guys
all is ok reinstall windows just have to fine tune again ?
thanks for all the help i just knew all of you would solve it for me. I know a bit but at 71yrs the matter gets a bit soft but thats life
thanks once again guys but I am sure I'll be back lol
kind regards

  Djohn 01:53 15 May 2003

Yes, I'm sure you will be back, not for help, but to pass on your knowledge to others. Regards. J.

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