Startup sound on Audigy Player

  IClaudio 11:48 03 Jun 2004

Everytime I fire up the PC, the Creative Audigy card announces itself with a really stupid little theme. I can't find any way to switch it off... am I stuck with it, or can some kind person put me out of my misery?


  Peverelli 12:55 03 Jun 2004

Hi Beatleman ;-)
START > All Programs > Creative > Soundblaster (Audigy 2) > Creative Splash Screen. In the bottom right corner of your screen you should see a little blue box with a 'play' triangle and a smaller round button. Click on the round button and you can cancel the load on startup here (at least I THINK that's what it does).

  IClaudio 15:34 03 Jun 2004

Thanks for the response... and that's what I assumed it would be. But... no 'Splashscreen' option in Start/Programs/etc.

I'll try the Creative folder on the C: drive now


  Peverelli 15:43 03 Jun 2004

I think the file you're looking for is EAX_HD.avi (on my PC it lives in C:\Program Files\Creative\Splash Screen)

Send it to your recycle bin and see if it does the trick. Leave it there for a while and make sure everything works properly befure deleting it permanently.

  Peverelli 15:44 03 Jun 2004

PS: Befure is Peverelli-ese for before ;-)

  cycoze 16:17 03 Jun 2004

Have a search for shake192.mlp , would that be the sound?

  Peverelli 16:19 03 Jun 2004

In the Splash Screen folder, double click on DEMO32.exe, then double click on ctload.dbd and that'll give you the option to stop it loading at Startup.

  IClaudio 17:36 03 Jun 2004

It works!

How on earth did you find that? And why is it part of a demo? Thanks m8, for saving my sanity!

Cycoze, I've searched for the mlp file, but no success... academic now though but thanks for your input :)

[It's quite a little non-PC party isn't it ;))


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