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  bendigo 20:04 20 Oct 2005

when entering 'msconfig' I see 'normal startup is selected. If I click any tab, every file is selected. Is this correct? or is this why my boot up is so slow. If I need to de-select files, how do I know which to de-select. If a file is de-selected will it prevent programmes from running. I'm running xp home, ps2. have 512mem pentium intel 2405mhz and 80gb hd. of which 37gb used. boot up takes 85 seconds. any advice please.

  VoG II 20:07 20 Oct 2005

click here should help you identify what you can safely untick.

Guide click here

  User-312386 20:09 20 Oct 2005

1 Only untick the ones that you know.

2 No it wont stop your programmes running, it just stops them "running in the background" at start up.

3 click here for a complete list of startup entries 20:10 20 Oct 2005

This could indeed slow down your use in general as the more programs which start up the more sys recources are used - taskbars such as the one from office are usually huge drains. Any critical file should ask if you are sure when you uncheck it. Other than that you can usually get a clue from the file name, for example ms is microsoft, anything with avg would be avg anti-virus, zalarm would be zone alarm etc.

  bendigo 15:00 21 Oct 2005

I have looked at the various links and am at the following stage. using 'msconfig' in 'startup' I reduced the ticked files from 23 to 15. Using allprogs/startup folder I removed 6. I note that in the system config utility tab 'sevices' there are 79 entries, 3 marked essential and 31 of them shown in status as stopped. should I be doing anything to these ? So far there seems to be no decrease in the startup time. Still about 80 seconds. have I missed something?

  splork 15:27 21 Oct 2005

Don't mess with those until you've done a bit of research, turning off the wrong one can stop your system booting. click here

Do you use wireless broadband? Is your PC networked? (Cable or wireless network) Have you defragged the hard-drive?

  bendigo 11:11 22 Oct 2005

thanks, ok, no,no and no. at the moment I'm pondering my next move, which could well be 'live with it' but I'll keep looking.

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