startup repair failure

  lisa_gedo 13:13 13 May 2011

I think i may have downloaded a virus to my desktop!! pc shut down and then started startip repair which failed!

Root cause found - Boot critical file D:\CI.dll is corrupt.

I can't download security updates or run a full anti-virus scan as pc will shut down again and then the loop restarts with the startup repair failure.

During the startup repair the cmd windows is showing Drive X: !!

Quite a few people have mentioned the same on different sites but no-one seems to know exactly how to fix this.

This is a brand new system running windows 7 64 bit

Any help would be appreciated thank you.

  spuds 13:36 13 May 2011

Not sure if this might help link text

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:07 13 May 2011

his used to happen in Vista the procedure for Windows 7 is the same

Boot from the DVD to command prompt

Copy Cl.dll to the C:\windows\system32 folder if it asks to over write say yes.

then you need to repair the bootloader full instructions here

  lisa_gedo 17:44 13 May 2011

thanks for the replies, unfortunately my system didn't come with a DVD.

  woodchip 17:54 13 May 2011

Windows CD

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:15 13 May 2011

Tap F8 (F5) on boot to get into repair Menu and select Command Prompt - This opens a Command Window

  lisa_gedo 21:23 19 May 2011

I have contacted Acer over the proble to see if they can send out copy boot dvd'S. they advise that this was not possible as my factory reset is loaded onto a hidden partition. I think my problem is there's a virus which has now affected this partition, I have done a factory reset as advised by Acer twice now and I am still getting the same problems.

They have advised me to return it to them for repair as it's still under warranty but that if it turns out to be a software problem then it'll cost me £100, does this sound like a software problem to anyone else!!

I would of rather been able to fix this myself, I have repaired problems in the past that I have posted on here it's just when i google the problem the repair seems to be very technical.

Should I just return the system for repair ?

  birdface 21:59 19 May 2011

Will it not start up in safe mode and do a system restore.

Or does it not start at all.

If the worst comes to the worst you can always reset it to factory setting but that wipes everything off the computer that you have downloaded.

And you have to download all of the Windows updates again.

  birdface 22:03 19 May 2011

Oops ignore last just noticed it is a Desktop that you have so not sure about a factory reset on that that.

  Strawballs 22:54 19 May 2011

If factory reset has not cured the problem then it sounds like hard drive if you can get to command prompt do a CHKDSK /R

Failing that I'm sure Acer use Hitachi drives download and burn to disc there bootable diagnostic dos software and boot from that to see if it is the drive and it should be able to help if corrupt sector.

Drive Test

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:55 19 May 2011

I have done a factory reset as advised by Acer twice now and I am still getting the same problems.

This is looking more like a corrupt hard drive.

If its still under guarantee send it back, if not then:-

I would clone the factory partition to another drive swap drives and do a factory install on the new drive.


Use something like SIW to get the W7 key (serial)

Borrow a W7 DVD and reinstall on a new drive

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