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  Daiol 19:19 02 Jun 2008

Hi,Just bought myself an asus laptop working well but can someone please help me with the start up programs info.I have the startup box up on screen and this is what it shows
ATKOSD2 C/Program files\ATK
Hcontrol C/Program files\ATK
SKy Tel Skytel.EXE
DMEDIA C/Program files\ASU
ALU C/Program files\ASU
SynTPEnh C/Program files\Syna
ACMON C/Program files\ASU
ABLKSR C/Program files\ABLKSR
sm56hlpr C/Program files\ASU
Batterylife C/Program files\ASU
wcourier C/Program files\Wir
ASUSTPE C/Windows\system
ACU C/Program files\Ath
ASScrProlog C/Windows\ASScrP
ASScrPro C/Windows\ASScrP
jusched C/Program files\jav
MSACui C/Program files\Win
avgcc C\program ~1\Grisoft
PDVDServ C/Program files\cyb
CLIStart C/ProgC/Program files\ATI T..
ctfmon C\Windows\system..
MutiFrame C/Program files\ASU
TeaTimer C/Program files\Spyb.

Can you please assist on which of the above i should have checked to run inder stsrtup.

  Ronnie268 19:24 02 Jun 2008

teatimer is part of Spybot Search and Destroy. Safe

Any from C://WINDOWS are fine to leave

jusched is the java updater and is safe

avgcc is avg control centre - safe

Anything from C://Program Files/ASU is an ASUS utility- safe

Glad to help

Ronnie 268

  Ronnie268 19:25 02 Jun 2008


CLI Start is part of ATI graphics - safe

dunno about the rest - try googleing - this gives a description of whether safe or not

  Daiol 19:29 02 Jun 2008

Sorry update on the above list all these items are cheched yes in the boxes.Thanks

  Daiol 21:02 02 Jun 2008

Ronnie268,thanks for your info but when you say safe do you mean to uncheck it or leave checked to startup Thanks

  Sea Urchin 21:11 02 Jun 2008

Generally you want as little as possible to run at startup. You can check each of the items on click here to see whether they should run or not.

  sean-278262 21:22 02 Jun 2008

ATKOSD2 C/Program files\ATK - Kill it is some asus rubbish
Hcontrol C/Program files\ATK - Kill it is some asus rubbish
RTHDCPL RTHDCL.EXE - Kill it is some asus rubbish
SKy Tel Skytel.EXE - optional sound stuff
ALCMTR ALCMTR .EXE - optional sound stuff
DMEDIA C/Program files\ASU - Kill it is some asus rubbish
ALU C/Program files\ASU - Kill it is some asus rubbish
SynTPEnh C/Program files\Syna - optional - trackpad related but isnt needed
ACMON C/Program files\ASU - Kill it is some asus rubbish not sure exactly what
ABLKSR C/Program files\ABLKSR - Kill it is some asus rubbish
sm56hlpr C/Program files\ASU - Kill it is some asus rubbish no idea again
Batterylife C/Program files\ASU - keep it seems to make the battery bar more accurate
wcourier C/Program files\Wir - No idea google this one
ASUSTPE C/Windows\system - keep
ACU C/Program files\Ath - Kill it is some asus rubbish
ASScrProlog C/Windows\ASScrP - Kill it is some asus rubbish
ASScrPro C/Windows\ASScrP - Kill it is some asus rubbish
jusched C/Program files\jav - Kill it is javas update and can be disabled as it just wastes power
MSACui C/Program files\Win - no idea google again
avgcc C\program ~1\Grisoft - KEEP!!! AVG AV
PDVDServ C/Program files\cyb - No idea google it
CLIStart C/ProgC/Program files\ATI T.. - this is the ATI control panel stuff. Optional but I would keep it
ctfmon C\Windows\system.. - keep
MutiFrame C/Program files\ASU - Kill it is some asus rubbish for multimonitor, vista has adequate support for this out of the box
TeaTimer C/Program files\Spyb. - Spybot keep.

The above is what I have set on my asus, in the cases I have no idea means I dont have this service shown through uninstalling or otherwise.


  MCE2K5 21:32 02 Jun 2008

PDVDServ C/Program files\cyb - pdvdserv.exe is a process belonging to PowerDVD which allows a user to plug in a remote control.

  MCE2K5 21:34 02 Jun 2008

wcourier.exe - wcourier process information click here

  MCE2K5 21:37 02 Jun 2008

MSACui.exe - Windows Defender User Interface click here

I think, That's all of them explaned. ;-)

  Daiol 09:02 03 Jun 2008

Astec123..Many thanks for that info you provided just one small question when you mean " Kill it is some asus rubbish" does that mean that i untick that box ??.Also i thank all others who answered to me.Will be intouch with update.

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