Startup problems after a power surge.....

  BeesFan 09:37 28 Jun 2004

My girlfriends PC got shorted out yesterday (presumably from a powers urge), and it blew the Graphics Card leaving it with a black screen

Ive swapped the card over and now get a picture, however the PC will only boot into BIOS and will not allow current settings to be saved on exit

Under the sections for 'CPU Frequency Multiple' it says 'During the last boot up your system hung for improper frequency combination - your system is now working in safe mode'

Under 'CPU External Frequency' it says 'According to CPU Ex Freq system memory can only operate at freq higher than or equal to 333MHz. Please enusure DRAM max frequency is not less than this'

This is an Athlon 3000 Machine, with 512 MB memory - can anyone advise me what settings are needed from the various drop down menus in the BIOS, or what else may have been blown to cause this situation

Many Many Thx in Advance

  Gongoozler 10:02 28 Jun 2004

Hi BeesFan. Can you tell us what motherboard the computer has because then someone familiar with it may be able to give specific advice.

If the computer experienced a power surge sufficient to damage the graphics card, then you must be prepared for some other component also to have been damaged.

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