Startup Problem, help appreciated

  ozziemandril 19:24 12 Oct 2006

Hey, this is my first topic.
I've got a Windows xp, intel P4 with 1GB RAM and an x800 radeon graphics card. I was using it yesterday morning and it was absolutly fine. Turned it off, came back in the afternoon and there was "no input signal," this was displayed on the monitor.
The computer makes all the correct starting up sounds, ie. fans are normal. The CD/DVD drives work and the green hard drive light flashes.
I replaced the lead between monitor and pc. And also tried the monitor out on a mac. it worked fine. I took out the graphics card lightly cleaned the contact strip- No luck. Then did the same with the other cards-No luck. I presume it must be something to do with the graphics card or motherboard.
If you could suggest stuff i could do to fix the problem it would be much appreciated, because getting it fixed proffessionally is rather costly.
It's rather annoying because it happened 10 minutes after i ordered Medieval Total war 2 on amazon, haha. Bloomin' computers!
Any ideas? Thanks,

Without a doubt it is graphics related. Providing you can see nothing else but the no signal message I would indicate the card is faulty.

If you can see your bios or part of the windows load then it could well just need drivers to be to reinstalled.

It sounds like your card is PCI Express? so I doubt you would have one spare. If the card is under warranty, then speak to the suppliers/manufacturers.

If its not under warranty then a cheaper solution would be to buy a new card.

  Jak_1 20:07 12 Oct 2006

Check that the graphics card is seated properly, taking it out and re-seating it may help. Check also that the cable and contacts of the monitor lead are not damaged in any way, a bent pin can cause problems.

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