Startup folder in All Programs empty

  Graham. 16:33 24 Oct 2010

Windows Vista - I'm trying to add Windows Mail to Startup but the folder is empty. Any ideas, please?

  Sea Urchin 16:49 24 Oct 2010

Don't see why you have a problem - just add Windows Mail to the empty folder.

  Graham. 17:08 24 Oct 2010

Thanks, I've dragged WM into the folder, but it's only a shortcut. How do I do it properly?

  birdface 17:17 24 Oct 2010

Waste of time even though you manage to get it to run at start up that is all it does.
As soon as you close it the e-mails will no longer update until you open it again.

  birdface 17:21 24 Oct 2010

All programs.Drag W/mail to start up and drop it in there.
Wast of time though for it to work properly and update automatically I think you would need Windows messenger running at start up.
Apart from that you have to update manually.

  rdave13 17:44 24 Oct 2010

Not sure I understand what you mean. If you run windows live mail (as opposed to windows mail in Vista) through the startup folder then it runs. Minimise it and it will still be running. Close it and it will be closed and therefore won't update the mail received.
Right click the startup folder in all programs and select open. You'll have the folder showing on the desktop.
Click start, all programs and copy and paste windows mail to the startup folder. Don't cut and paste otherwise the windows mail folder might not show up in the all programs list.
Log off then log on again and windows mail will start automatically.

  VoG II 17:45 24 Oct 2010

You can only add a shortcut to the Startup Folder.

You can set the options in Windows Mail to check for new messages every x minutes.

  birdface 17:48 24 Oct 2010

Thats what I meant.
You have to keep it minimised for it to automatically update.
Apart from that it will only run at start up.
I was looking for a way for it to update without having to keep it open all day.
And you can't do it.

  Sea Urchin 17:53 24 Oct 2010

But Graham was merely wanting to run the program at startup - all the points you make about Windows Mail are applicable whether or not it is in the startup folder.

  rdave13 17:54 24 Oct 2010

Well no. Neither will any other program. WLM needs to be opened to update messages/mail. If you close it you won't get any notifications will you?

  birdface 18:03 24 Oct 2010

Yes but he probably did not know that he would have to keep it open all day for e-mail updates.

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