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  mickyricky 09:26 03 Apr 2003

In System Config/Tools/Startup my Tosh Tecra 8100 laptop is showing 13 various little Toshiba programs, but most of them appear twice in the list and some other programs too. Many others no longer used also still show there. I am happy with what is checked/unchecked, but is there any way to get at this list to tidy it up, maybe through the registry?

  Simsy 10:13 03 Apr 2003

you want to remove the items that appear in the Startup list, but are unchecked, hence don't startup?


If I've got that right, some of them may be removeable via the registry. (Depending on how the programming/installation was written this may not apply).

I'm writing this from memory, based on my Win98se, which is at home...

the registry key(s) are at;


Note the "-" before the "Run" ... It indicates the things that DON'T start, as opposed to the things that do, which are under the "Run" key.


Further note, I repeat that I'm recounting this from memory, but that should be accurate enough for you to find it yoourself if I'm slightly wrong.



  exodus 10:19 03 Apr 2003

Check out this site.
click here
About 3/4 down the page is mentioned a programme called Startman, by Peter Forest, which can be downloaded free. This allows quick editing of the Startup entries and removes duplicate ones.

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