startup error message

  greybeard 10:50 29 Mar 2008

In trying to diagnose a possible cpu problem on a dell inspiron 25500 laptop, I've replaced the cpu in a working dell latitude c600 with it.
(Both had P3 intel chips)
On starting up, the latitude put up a message "hardware failure #0010".
Can anyone tell me what this indicates ?
I can only guess that it is the cpu, as suspected, but I should like it confirmed by someone who knows for certain.
Many thanks,

  MAJ 10:56 29 Mar 2008

I don't know what the error message indicates specifically, but if you try the original CPU again and there's no error message, then it might indicate that the other CPU is not compatible.

  greybeard 11:05 29 Mar 2008

Thanks Maj, sensible thing to do next.
I should have added a little more to my original thread(wouldn't an Edit post option be wonderful:[).
On start up, the screen shows the Dell boot up screen, but this then changes after about 1-2 seconds to a black screen with the "hardware failure #0010" message.

  greybeard 11:12 29 Mar 2008

The initial Dell screen does complete, and the next screen is the black one with "system hardware failure #0010"

  greybeard 15:22 29 Mar 2008

Returned everything back and forth twice, and the sympons are the same.
i'd still like a heads up on the code, if anyone can oblige.
I've tried google but not found what I need yet.

  Cockney Rebel 15:32 29 Mar 2008

Try thisclick here

  greybeard 16:51 29 Mar 2008

That's brilliant.
So, if I read it correctly, it would seem that there isn't anything wrong with the cpu, merely that I have to "upgrade the bios".
I'll go back to square one, and see what actualy happens if I follow the F1 route they mention in that thread, and which I have also.

I shan't need to do the bios ubgrade as this is only a test to see if this cpu is viable, and it now seems that it may well be OK, unlike my earlier assumption.
If the F1 route works OK I'll tick this thread as resolved and move on to the next problem ;)
Many thanks,

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