Startup Crashing Windows 7

  MelonSponge 18:56 12 Jul 2011

Hi. A few weeks ago, my desktop started crashing on startup. Since then, the crashes have been happening more and more. In the beginning, it might have crashed once or twice a week. But now, it could take up to 10 attempts to actually reach the desktop. It has also began to crash while it is running, but this has only happened twice. The section of the startup of which it is crashing in is, when the 4 coloured orbs come together above the text 'Windows is Starting'. It crashes when attempting to start 'Startup Repair' and it also crashed when I tried to boot from my Windows 7 disk. Before this started I have had no problems, and I cant remember installing anything new before hand. ChkDsk finds no bad files, Startup repair (when it runs) doesnt find any problems, and when it does a system restore there is no effect. If you want to see my specs, or any other details I will be happy to post them. Thanks in advance! Robert F.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:13 12 Jul 2011

Suggest you check case for overheating excess dust and dirt round fans etc.

Also run a memory check using something like memtest

  Zeppelyn 19:56 12 Jul 2011

Also check that all CD/DVD and hard disk cables etc are connected properly as when running from Windows disk only basic drivers are loaded at this point so should rule out graphics drivers etc. As Fruit Bat says, give everything a good clean.

  MelonSponge 16:16 13 Jul 2011

Hi again. The problem seems to have come from my Hard Drive, which yesterday developed a strange clicking noise, and is not found during power up. I bought a new Hard Drive today, but it doesnt have a power port that I can plug the power cable from the other HDD into, and seems to require an adaptor. Is this clicking problem fixable, and would the data on the drive be in a useable condition afterwards? Thanks again, Robert

  retep888™ 17:33 13 Jul 2011

If you need an adapter for your new HDD then your old HDD is an IDE, you'll need an IDE to SATA power cable click here for single or click here for double,you can find them in Maplin or PCWorld.

It's no guarantee you can fix this clicking (the HDD is most probably on the way out) however you can download some tools from the HDD manufacturer for diagnose.

e.g. click here for WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool for bootable Floppy/Cd/or inside Windows

click here for Seagate/Maxtor SeaTools

Before you do anything please make sure you're backing up all your datas & files now.

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