startup - can I remove these?

  palinka 20:44 31 Mar 2007

New Toshiba laptop running Win XP Pro, shows that in addition to AV these are running at startup: ctfmon; msmgs; BJPSMAIN; osCheck; ccApp; PDVDServ; dumprep O-k; Pre MKBD; jusched; atiptaxx; AGRSMMSG; Ltmoh.
Can I delete them? (the laptop was bought recently by friend from a local computer shop where it had been a demo model).
Also on shutdown it always pops up a box saying "program not responding" and you have to click "end now" to get it to close. Any suggestions to avoid this please?

  Terry Brown 20:54 31 Mar 2007

I note most of these as system commands,and unless the system is going wrong,I would leave them be. As the program not responding (at shutdown) I would suggest going to RUN,entering MSCONFIG,goto start up and see if there is a program you do not reconsize,and unclick it.Do one at a time until the problem is solved.

  Jackcoms 20:56 31 Mar 2007
  palinka 20:57 31 Mar 2007

thanks, but the list of programs loading at startup came from that source, and I don't recognise any of them so it will be a long and slow trial and error session.

  palinka 21:00 31 Mar 2007

thanks for that Jackcoms I'll check it out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:26 31 Mar 2007

ctfmon; office, delete

msmgs; messenger, delete

BJPSMAIN; Easy-PrintToolBox, delete

osCheck; tool that allows systems integrators and PC repair centers to quickly verify the installation of the operating system and other software applications. ??

ccApp; part of Norton, leave

PDVDServ; PowerDVD Remote Control leave if you have power DVD

dumprep O-k; msprocess after crash, delete

Pre MKBD; ?????????? no info

jusched; java, leave

atiptaxx; It's a utility for ATI video cards. It seems that it's not required. I've deleted mine without effect.

AGRSMMSG; Agere SoftModem Messaging Applet Dialup modem, leave if you want to dialup if on BB then delete.

Ltmoh. ltmoh.exe was authored by Lucent Technologies and handles incoming and outgoing calls. This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. ???

  palinka 21:48 31 Mar 2007

Fruit Bat /\0/\, as my friend uses AVG not Norton i've deleted ccApp and everything else except AGRSMMSG & PreMKBD. Jackcoms link suggested it was OK to delete jusched. All seems well. And shut down is now happening normally, too (at least on the single instance I've done since the changes) though whether there's any causeal connection with the deletions I've no idea. Thank you everyone.

  GBL 12:11 01 Apr 2007

My existing HDD is in need of a complete format to get rid of alot of rubbish, so I thought that I would treat myself to a new HDD, I have installed a WD Caviar SE 80gb U100 8mb. Next I thought I would disable the existing drive and install Win XP pro onto the new one, when all up and running my idea is to transfer files that I need over to the new drive then format the old one and use it for extra storage.

But I have been going round in circles for several hours now. The new drive is the master and the old one disabled by removing the cables, it takes ages to get going but I have got as far as "Installing windows" then the system will reboot and it goes through the same procedures again. I cannot get past that stage. Never had this before and am stuck now. Thankfully i still have my old drive intact, with the new drive as the slave I can see all the installation files seem to be there.

Any ideas please?

  pj123 14:56 01 Apr 2007

geoffy. "Any ideas please?"

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