denali 12:25 22 Mar 2004

Anyone help please?
I have a small PC in my daughters bedroom just for homework and a few games running98se.
Last night she switched on, it went through the start-up process gave the normal one beeb and then the screen went blank. I have tried booting with a start up floppy but get the same results.

  smegs 12:31 22 Mar 2004

denali, if U have the 98se disk, put it in the PC restart the pc and go into BIOS to change the boot-up to CD. Re-install 98se. U should not lose any files/folders.

  denali 12:35 22 Mar 2004

Thank you for your speedy reply. I tried your suggestion but It still beeps once and goes blank. I cannot get into window at all

  pj123 14:19 22 Mar 2004

Have you checked the monitor? Try another monitor that you know works.

  denali 17:43 22 Mar 2004

Thanks for your reply. I know the monitor works because it shows the boot screen until the one beeb.And then it hangs after finding my disks.
The final line reads IRQ8.

  pj123 21:06 22 Mar 2004

Don't know about your computer but on my computer IRQ8 is the System CMOS/Realtime Clock. So maybe your motherboard battery needs changing???

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