Mollo 15:16 29 Aug 2005

Two weeks ago got infected by the above virus. It seems to keep initialising a group of web sites (not very nice ones either!) which in turn install about 20 IE shortcuts to other sites It has also loaded in a lot of extra .DLL/.dll files. I've tried deleting the four web sites but the reappear as soon as I log on. Checked a MajorGeeks forum and came up with a procedure (10 pages of print) and lots of (good) techie info which to a guy like me (about 4 on the PC Knowledge scale)was mind boggling. However I'm scared to try it in case I make a typo error and blitz my machine. Is there nothing on the same line which would do it automatically. I have installed Adaware, SPGuard and Trojan Remover. My AV is Trend Micro and although it tells me it has the virus quarantined, I cant find it to delete it although I can delete the fresh .dlls which it quarantines. Any suggestions?

  Jackcoms 15:32 29 Aug 2005
  Mollo 09:15 04 Nov 2005

Sorry I haven't responded before now but took your advice downloaded CWS Shredder and used it along with assistance from Malaware Removal and I am now clear. I would recommend Malaware Removal to anyone. It took days to complete the removal and the moderator involved was really patient.

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