Starting XP Pro services

  The LED Lighting Company 09:43 25 Nov 2005

Sorry for wordy explanation, main question is at bottom the page, fault overview follows.

My laptop runs XP Pro with Symantec Antivirus Corp Edition.
The other day AV notified me that it had found a Trojan which it quarantined.
During this time a notification was received, supposedly from Windows, stating it had found an infection and was downloading a spyware program to scan and eliminate, this later turned out to be a hoax.

After a couple of minutes, the blue screen of memory dump death appeared.

When restarting the laptop it would not boot to the logon screen, just sat at loading windows.

I have managed to get administrator privilages to gain access, virus scanned, spyware scanned cleaned registry, manual delete nasties etc.
I can now occasionaly boot direct to windows login, but with the occasional need boot to previous working restore to get to login screen.

The main problem I have is that I had no modems, printers, network connections, device manager which I have found to be due to most XP services being disabled.

I have manged to suss out which services to run to enable PnP and telephony to get internet connection but these setting get lost every time the pc is shutdown. I have to then manually restart the required services to get anything to work.

Can anyone advise how I can get these services to run at start up so I dont have to keep starting them manually?

Thanks in advance

  johnnyrocker 10:29 25 Nov 2005

try either start/run msconfig/start up items or

right click 'my computer' manage then services tab,


  The LED Lighting Company 10:48 25 Nov 2005

I have been using services.msc to start the services as there is little running in msconfig until the service have been started.

Once the pc is shutdown or restarted msconfig and services.msc returns the majority back to DISABLED I then have to restart them manually.

How can I save the list of started services so that they will run on restart.


  keewaa 11:46 25 Nov 2005

The fact that something was downloaded rings alarm bells. No antivirus will detect 100% of malware and are usually bad at detecting trojans ... a2 is better for that.

If someone had access to your PC trhough a backdoor trojan, it is very hard to see what changes they have made if any.

I suggest you consider a reformat / reinstall if this is possible as it may actually save you time, rather than trying to manually fix everything. Backup all your files etc first.

  The LED Lighting Company 15:53 25 Nov 2005

At present I am stuck in Israel with time to fiddle as no drivers, cds etc have been supplied.

Until such time as I come back I will trudge along manually unless anyone can make any further suggestions as to how make the services run automatically after a restart.


  woodchip 16:14 25 Nov 2005

Go into Control Panel Admin\Services right click the one you want to start choose Auto or Manual click start click OK thats it

  The LED Lighting Company 18:45 25 Nov 2005

Cheers but I know how to start them its just that they all default back to disabled after a restart this does not normally happen.

I am trying to find out why and how to get the services that I have started to be remembered in the current state before shutdown so that they are enable at the next start up.

Under normal circumstances, I have never needed to manually start any services, they just start on reboot.


  woodchip 18:47 25 Nov 2005

They will not if set to Auto start in the above location

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