Starting up win98se

  richierich 14:52 10 Feb 2003

Hi Have a celron 400 win98se pc, lately its been taking about 5minutes to start up; ie I turn it on, it whirrs away but takes a goo d few minutes for the hard drive to boot up, onces its on its ok. But today it wont boot up at all. The powers on, the fans are churning but the screen stays blank ( I have tested the screen its ok).
any suggestions, is it hard drive failure? or any ideas please

  Gongoozler 15:04 10 Feb 2003

richierich, do you get any of the initial black and white boot screens displayed. Do you get the initial beep (most systems give this to indicate that they have passed the Power On Self Test (POST)).

  richierich 15:08 10 Feb 2003

Hi Gongoozler,
No, I dont get any black white boot screens. I was getting nothing and after about 5minutes a bleep and then would start up, but now I just hear the fans working but no hard drive activity

  Diemmess 15:16 10 Feb 2003

Are you sure your monitor/video card are OK ?
If the expected protocol messages do not pass the video point. the rest hangs. Best bet for me would be a defective data cable connection between box and monitor.

  richierich 15:24 10 Feb 2003

H iDiemmess,
Like i said the monitor is ok. My graphics card is on board type, this has been a progressive problem, ie it took longer and longer to start loading windows and now it wont do it at all. Is there any suggestions for testing the hard drive, or could it be something to do with the bios, if so what do i do.

  Gongoozler 15:52 10 Feb 2003

richierich, if you don't get a POST beep, but you used to, then you have a hardware problem that is probably not associated with the hard drive. Isolating the cause is always difficult. Start by removing all the plug-in cards from the motherboard. If you still don't get the POST beep, you will have to remove any drives. You will then be left with the possibility of the problem being in the motherboard, processor, memory or power supply. You can remove the memory, and some people say you should even get a POST beep with no processor. The only way I know of to test the power supply is with a voltmeter on a spare drive power connector.

  richierich 16:01 10 Feb 2003

I will try that then, if I dont get a beep with all the cards, drives memories and processor detached are you saying it could be the motherboard? I suppose I could test out all the drives and memory in another pc, thanks.

  Diemmess 17:30 10 Feb 2003

It is possible that the on-board video is now dud.

If so it is a difficult one to test, because even if you have a spare card to try and the software to go with it, you will probably have to disable the on-board device first.

Disabling this can be simply a BIOS alteration and sometimes a motherboard jumper.....or both!

If you have the motherboard manual the answer is there, otherwise I hope someone else agrees the idea and can offer you more positive help.

  SmiffyRebel 18:20 10 Feb 2003

Judging from your discription you seem to think it may be the Harddrive, a quick and easy check would be to boot from your emergency startup disk, if nothing happens then as already mentioned it is a hardware fault

  professor 20:02 10 Feb 2003

ok before you take drastic action have you ever unfragmented your harddisk?? you see the more a pc is used the more fragmented the data on it becomes so unfragmenting keeps all data in place
also have you tryed a registry cleaner and using SFC go to start select run then type SFC id do all that first before you use any drastic action


  woodchip 20:21 10 Feb 2003

Suspect PSU, Hard drive cable will not make any difference if you do not even get a Dos screen

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