starting in safe mode ???

  Magik ®© 18:37 12 May 2005

hi, still trying to get rid of "typed URL's" anyway, i did read that they can be deleted in safe mode, followed it all to the letter, all still there.....what i would like to know, when XP is in safe mode, how can it be got back to windows, i have still it will not reboot, so i have to just switch it off. any ideas.......thanks

  andrew-196854 18:50 12 May 2005

you could try this when in safe mode click start run , and type in msconfig then click mormal start up then apply , then reboot hope this helps

  Magik ®© 19:13 12 May 2005

hi, just tried that, and it said msconfig was not recognized, so i typed "exit" again, that took me back to the page with just "safe-mode" in each corner, and nothing else.. but thanks anyway...

  Sans le Sou 20:01 12 May 2005

you restart like normal with Start/turn off computer etc.

  Sans le Sou 20:08 12 May 2005

Crap cleaner should get rid of your unwanted files.

  mattyc_92 20:35 12 May 2005

damn.... Sans le Sou has beat me to it.... CCleaner DOES remove the "Typed URLS"

  Magik ®© 20:45 12 May 2005

thanks all, ccleaner, window/washer and at least 4 other progs have failed to delete the URL's, been into regedit and all there is there is a icon with ab written in it and the word "default" there must be some way, I have just found out that if you press "ctrl" and O nothing is listed, but that is for another day.

  gudgulf 21:14 12 May 2005

click here
Microsoft instructions on how to repair IE and/or Windows from previous postings click here click here You've tried all the programs which normally clear your URL and other history , and a good number of other fixes as well...none of which have worked.You clearly have some problems with either IE itself or Windows or both....I think you will save yourself a lot of time and bother by going down the repair/reinstall route.

  Magik ®© 21:21 12 May 2005

ok, i will go down that path, just to see what happens, because this is on two laptops, one running XP with sp2, the other is a clean install of XP without the SP2...I will report back.........thanks

  Chronos 12:01 13 May 2005

you said earlier that if you type a letter into the "open" box you get a list, they are not URLS they are bookmarks, and you are not the first to make that mistake, if you go to your favorites folder, pick out a letter and delete all those starting with that letter, then go to your open box and type in that letter nothing will come up, you can always put them back after.. hope that helps.....

  Magik ®© 12:14 13 May 2005

good grief, you are right, thanks for that, it is now all, what can i mess up next............thanks again......

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