Starting up my lap top

  geek84 15:35 17 Oct 2009

I have had my lap top for over a year. As time goes by, it is taking longer and longer to startup, after I turn it on. One of my work collegues suggested thaat there may possibly be other programs which start up automatically when I turn the lap top on,which slows down the 'booting up' process. He suggested that I get rid of these programs. I am not very computer literate, so have no idea which programs to keep and which ones to get rid of. Finally, I wouldn't know how to get rid of them!

Can you please adbive, Thanks

  tullie 16:23 17 Oct 2009

Start/run type msconfig then startup tab,untick everything except antivirus and firewall entries,reboot and see if that helps.

  mikesuther 16:21 19 Oct 2009

your friend could be right but have you run a defragment program, this can make a big difference to any computer. if you right click the hard drive goto tools then click on defrag, be warned if you have not done this it will take quite a while, let it run in the back ground.

if you goto the start program you might find that there are anumber of programs running while booting up. If you click start bottom left then cursor down until you see startup left click once it will show what programs starup. Right click each program and select delete this takes the program out of the startup sequence and should help to speed up your machine. Another more drastic thing to do is to increase your ram content not very expensive way of speeding things up, your talking a few pounds to make the unit maximum ram capable read what your machine maximum ram is then you can buy the ram on ebay.

  intense 00:37 03 Nov 2009

Mate that's good advice with the msconfig, a fresh boot of windows comes in at about 21 processes, press control+alt+delete and look in the bottom left to see how many processes you got. after unchecking everything apart from your antivirus n firewall... if you're on XP anything under 30 is pretty good. Go to the performance tab and check your processor usage 0% is good to stand still ie: doing nothing... your ram (the bottom field should be doing about 25%) if you got more than that or your CPU usage is is big then go back to the processes tab and click CPU twice then you will see what program is using the most processor time if you don't recognise it then you might be infected with something nasty (google the process!) if you do find that something is flagged as bad go here click here and download the free version
any problems gimme a shout ;-)

  weistar 03:59 04 Nov 2009

I have some advice for you.
Run msconfig——start? cancel other programs except Antivirus and Firewall programs .

If you still have no idea how to operate, you'd better ask for help from one who is coomputerate to solve your problem.

  tullie 11:49 04 Nov 2009

Ive allready suggested what you say

  Laptop-battery 17:29 09 Nov 2009

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  User-1229748 18:04 09 Nov 2009

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  entsal007 23:02 16 Nov 2009

I share the problem that my laptop has become more sluggish over its 3 years... no doubt all the crap I've amassed on here... tried Norton Utilities this weekend and the only thing it has achieved is to create an annoying Sonic Activation Module popup appear on startup ... I read somewhere on here that all I need to do is run "MSCONFIG" and untick a couple of items in the startup tab... however I have 43 items in there!! And I'm unsure about many of them...

2 questions...

1) How can I get a proper understanding of these 43 items most of which have esoteric rather than meaningful descriptions;

2) How can I speed up my laptop - is Norton Utilities the answer? If so, how? If not, what?

Thank you,

  tullie 19:56 17 Nov 2009

You shouldent hijack someones thread,however,i very much doubt that you have that many items showing in the startup tab.are you sure you arent looking in your Services tab?If you have just leave your a/v and firewall ticked and untick the rest in the startup tab.

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