Starting jup and Shutting down

  Daisy22 16:59 24 Mar 2008

For about a week now I've been having numerous problems with trying to start up and shutting down the PC.

start up - press button, PC loads up goes through to the XP screen and then shuts down but the power light stays on and it goes through the process again and again. Usually I have to press the power button to fully switch it off, and then press it to turn on again. Eventually the problem seems to resolve itself, however the PC seems to freeze quite a lot.

shutting down - I go through the normal process, but it doesn't actually close down, sometimes the screen just freezes so again I have to use the on/off button.

A third problem when I tried to do a system restore (to see if this would resolve the problem) there was nothing to restore it back to - the calendar didn't show so I couldn't restore.

I've run AVG anti virus and nothing shows up and I keep getting trojans put into the vault when I do an anti spyware, despite running several cleaners.

  brundle 17:34 24 Mar 2008

Sounds like possible power supply problem, or memory.
Disconnect any hardware you can manage without and use the PC for a while. Run a system file check click here, run a disc check click here.

Which anti-spyware products are you using and what are the trojans that keep reappearing?

  Daisy22 17:44 24 Mar 2008

I use AVG AV, AVG AS, Spybot, Ewido and windows defender, I run frequently every day at least one of them.

The Trojans are something like host generic but they always have a different ending, each time the AVG AS picks them up I "heal" and delete them.

I'll try disconnecting the scanner and printer as they are the only 2 pieces of equipment I have connected (apart from Livebox).

  brundle 11:40 25 Mar 2008

A couple of others to try are Superantispyware and Spywareterminator click here, if those don't help run HJT click here and post the log at this forum click here

Then you can get rid of a couple of the anti-spyware applications - it's a good idea to have at least two or perhaps 3 installed but at that point its the law of diminishing returns. I would recommend Spywareblaster (doesn't need to be running all the time), Spybot with immunization and any one of AVG AS/Superantispyware/SpywareTerminator.

  Daisy22 19:48 25 Mar 2008

I downloaded the Spywareterminator programme, and re ran an AVG AS after deleting the offending trackers & trojans. Second time round it only found 1 and the Spywareterminator found a couple of dodgy things too.

Hopefully they might be all gone now.

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