Starting afresh wirelessly

  Tazfan 10:16 11 Aug 2006

Yesterday, I bought a cheapo Wireless Router, and two USB Ethernet adapters for my 2 other PCs.
I have installed the Router, and running my main PC using a cable, which is what I intend to continue doing. Its only the 2nd PCs that I run to wish wirelessly.
I have realized today that the system I have bought is only capable of 54MPS, which is slower than I was hoping. I have done some looking, and I have found thins click here.
I can connect my main system to that using cable no problem, but what do I need to add to my other 2 PCs for them to communicate wirelessly? I have no clue when it comes to wireless. Til yesterday, the PCs were connected via cable. I am moving house though, and running cables in the new place is not really an option, thus the interest in Wireless. Id like a higher speed than the set up I bought yesterday will allow,a nd Im sure click here, with whatever I need to make the setup complete I what I need.

As always, many thanks in advance for your time and trouble. T:-)

  Tazfan 10:23 11 Aug 2006

Will this (click here) get me up and running with my main system wired and a second system wirelessly? Can I buy the USB adapter seperately?

  Tazfan 11:28 11 Aug 2006

click here

This is better I think. Am I right in thinking that with this one, I can connect my main one via Ethernet cable, and one other wirelessly? Can I buy a 2nd USB part seperately?

  Tazfan 11:29 11 Aug 2006

Ignore the post above. I was having a Blonde moment. Sorry about that.

  FelixTCat 12:01 11 Aug 2006


I wouldn't get to excited about wireless speeds. The one you have already bought is quite fast enough for any broadband internet.

Second, the supposedly higher speeds rarely appear in practice if your pcs are more than about 10 feet apart, with no walls between.

Third, higher speeds are only of any value anyway if you are regularly transferring large files between the pcs.

I usually work with my laptop in the lounge connected wirelessly with my router in the far corner of the house. I have no problem with speed using wireless-g; if I want to transfer a CD's worth of content I either leave it running in the background or take the laptop to the router and connect by ethernet; that is less than once a month, so I can live with it. It wouldn't make any difference unless the wireless was MUCH faster than now.

I would recommend that you run with your existing components for a while and see what performance you get and only change if you REALLY can't live with it.

I would only recommend changing now if you can get a full refund for what you have bought and the Netgear kit is no more expensive.



  Tazfan 12:12 11 Aug 2006

I will be able to get a full and complete refund on what I bought on Wednesday.

I understand what you are saying about speeds, but I would hazzard a guess that 54Mbs will not perform as well as the 108Mbs and beyond (the one in my link being 125Mbs). The Lynksis stuff will cost a touch more if I get two USB adapters, but will be a touch less with just one, which I can swap between secondary systms as and when needed. The Lynksis kit also has a 2 year warranty as opposed to the 1 year on the cheapo stuff I bought (the Router is an ADDON WBR 9200, and the USB Adapters are by NEWlink). I would also hazzard a guess that the Lynksis stuff is better built than the tat I bought.

  FelixTCat 14:54 11 Aug 2006


If you can get a full refund, go for it. Netgear might be better than what you have, but I have worked successfully with a wide range of strange kit.

If you Google around a bit, most computer mags have done reviews of wireless kit with enhanced speed recently. Some makes are better than others. I don't remember which is best, just that at any distance none are that fast.

Best wishes,


  Tazfan 10:58 13 Aug 2006

For the cheapo componants I got, I paid £67. I have ordered the Router/Adapter bundle from PC World at £49.99, and got a new Adapter off EBay for £17.99 including postage. So, an extra 98p has upgraded me from Happy Shooper quality kit, to Brand name stuff. Buying the Linksys kit seperate would have cost about £120, so I think I bagged me a bit of a bargain really.

  Tazfan 20:38 16 Aug 2006

My kit arrived today. 20 mins reading and setting up, and Im running nicely via Wireless. Its actually QUICKER than when I was running wired.

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