start up times vary

  standard8 16:13 26 Dec 2007

My laptop is an ADVENT 701,vista home premium,about 4 months old and runs norton 360.My question is that from switching on until the welcome screen appears can be as quick as 1m 10secs to 1min 50 secs.This can be in the same day and Ive not done much on the computer in between times.Ive run CCleaner regularly.Can anyone explain why the big variation in times.

  kindly 16:39 26 Dec 2007

You could look to see what programs are starting when you switch on. If you click on the "start" button the on "run" the type in "msconfig" and go to startup tab. All the programs ticked will be starting up. Just unclick what you dont need to start on switch on. dont worry because you can start them up by using the program list.
Hope this helps.

  standard8 18:01 26 Dec 2007

The following are running on start up.
Thanks for your response.I think Ive maybe not explained my question properly.What I am meaning is that sometimes it takes 1m 10 secs to start and the next time I start up,it takes 1m 50 secs .
This can be on the same day,and Ive not done anything significant on my laptop,just been browsing on the internet or looking through forums.Also,I have deleted my browsing history just before I shut down since someone told me to do this to prevent slow start up times.I dont know if that is correct or not.I just do it out of habit laptop is an Advent 7201 not 701 as I mistakenly typed in.

  Clapton is God 20:10 26 Dec 2007

Suggest you de-select Adobe Acrobat in msconfig -it's a resource hog and may be slowing down your start up.

You then may wish to consider getting rid of your other major resource hog (which will also slow down start up) - and that's Norton.

  standard8 20:21 26 Dec 2007

Thank you for your reply Clapton is God.I will deselect Adobe Acrobat but I do not want to deselect Norton 360.But it still does not explain why I can start up in 1m 10secs. at say 5p.m. but it takes 1min 50 secs. at say 7p.m.

  Clapton is God 21:02 26 Dec 2007

I didn't suggest that you deselct Norton.

I suggested that you get rid of it - that is dump it, un-install it and replace it with less resource hungry AV and anti-malware products

  kindly 12:47 27 Dec 2007

I dont understand how you have four lines in the startup with operating system showing. I looked at mine and its not shown at all.
I read somewhere that windows defender does slow up the starting time, so just untick it then start up again and see what it does. You can then put a tick back in to start it automatically if its not that. My laptop takes nearly two minutes to start compared with it at new which was 45 seconds. Laptops are a lot slower than desktops unless you have a really high end one. Plus the more memory you have the better.
Hope you get more response from people who know more than me.

  standard8 19:09 27 Dec 2007

Hi kindly,thanks for your response.Before I finished up last night,I tried it again,and it took just over 2 minutes.This is me just starting up this evening,and it took just over 1 minute to start up.This is what puzzles me,the varying times.Im not particularly concerned about it taking 2 minutes.Im just trying to learn as much as I can about computers because Im not long started on them.Im what ive heard the phrase "a silver surfer".It is a great hobby in my retirement.Ive bought a book on Vista but it doesnt answer my present question.I dont even know what is the "normal" time it should take to start up.

  palinka 18:20 28 Dec 2007

Part of the reason is the time of day - and even the day of the week; even with broadband it cn be very slow at busy times (eg when everyone has come home from work and switched their PCs on).

But I also agree completely with Clapton is God: Get rid of Norton completely. It is installed on most new PCs (do the retailers get a cut? I assume so). It's useful that they put an antivirus on each PC otherwise you'd be deluged with viruses the first time you switched on and went on-line, but Norton uses a LOT of memory so leaves less "space" for other programs to work, and as it loads at start-up you have to factor-in the time for that to load before everything else loads.
Get rid of Norton. Use a different antivirus - like the completely free AVG; or Avast. Both have lots of supporters in this forum. I favour AVG. But your computer shop won't want to have anything to do with either of them. Most of the people I help locally are Silver surfers; if you want to email me I'll send you some of the stuff I've written for them.

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