Start-up programs - removal

  EFC1878 11:32 27 Jul 2005

My pc seems to take longer to boot up and I suspect it is the number of programs that ;load on start-up.

I have tried run then msconfig and there is a long list of porgrams listed under the start up tab.

Is this the correct/best way to check and remove programs/processes from start up?

Also can anybody point me in the direction of somewhere where I can find out more about the porgrams/processes listed as I do not recgonise a lot of them and are nervous about disabling something importnat.


  [email protected]® 11:36 27 Jul 2005

I use msconfig and find its the best way. Personally I disable everything on startup apart from anything to do with any anti-virus I have.

  Pooke 11:41 27 Jul 2005

Use ccleaner, click tools then startup. Gives a good description and the option to remove items.

click here it was recently updated too.

  Madmarianne 11:52 27 Jul 2005

This is all very well BUT after disabling start up programs windows then alerts that it has started up in diagnostic mode - does this matter?

  EFC1878 23:35 28 Jul 2005

Is it really safe to use 3rd party tools o shut down processes. I have heard of Enditall for that purpsoe but reading up on it it scared me how powerful the tool was and that I might disable something that I needed.

I sthere any website (relaible etc) where I could check up on the processes running to find out what they are and whether it is safe to disable them?

  VoG II 23:38 28 Jul 2005

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  VoG II 23:41 28 Jul 2005
  CHAIRLEG 00:11 29 Jul 2005

click here This is esy to use.

  squashman 01:10 29 Jul 2005

what i found useful is msantispyware, it will list both running programs and startup progs along with details of what they are, any you dont fancy you can block. my startup now much quicker

  FRANKMAC 04:40 29 Jul 2005

Powerpack 2005 for Windows XP is useful.
As well as controlling startup programs, many other useful 'TOYS' are available. (very similar to msconfig).

  EFC1878 22:37 31 Jul 2005


Thanks for the attachment whihc I will follow and let you know how I get on.


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